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The lips might be the most underrated part of your body. Think about it, they are a highly erogenous zone that you wear on your face! Lips have a high concentration of nerve endings, making them highly sensitive and easily stimulated. Although we use them to talk and eat, they are also extremely important in most of our sexual activities as well. Think of how much power and excitement is created in the simple act of kissing. It is the doorway to most erotic encounters, and a great measure of your chemistry with a lover. Not only poets and songwriters have swooned over lips- their color, their texture, their shape. Evolution has also dictated that they be more attractive to us when swollen and flushed after sexual escapades. This is the origin of red lipstick: creating that sensual glow to show us at the peak of our beauty. More sexy body parts to get your juices flowing: Eyes, Legs, Butts, Tits

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We're all familiar with the idea of nude beaches - some people love them, others recoil in disgust. But did you know that nudism is a lifestyle choice for some people? There are whole manifestos on the internet about how living naked is a solution to a lot of our modern woes. Often, people also partake in lifestyle movements like radical honesty or spiritual meditation. They are seeking to live a freer, more natural, and joyful life without all the oppression that society considers 'normal'. Everybody likes seeing their partner naked, so nudism isn't really a fetish in and of itself, but of course all kinds of fetishes are expressed in nudist settings! You'll also find quite a few porn studios have used nudist beaches or colonies as settings for their erotic storylines. Next time you see a porn set on a nudist beach or colony let your imagine run wild. Did you find this interesting? Then also have a look at: Free Love, Polyamory, Swinging

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You've probably been giggling about the number 69 since you were in middle school. But have you tried it? Have you ever thought that it might be just what your relationship needs to deal with that thorny problem of not having simultaneous orgasms. One beautiful thing about 69ing is that it's the great equalizer. Men and women can do it, men and men, women and women, and anyone else. It also means that both people get to "give" and "receive", and at the same time. Many people think of 69 as foreplay only, but if you really put your heart into it and are willing to break a sweat, you might find it offers intense and simultaneous orgasms that can bring you closer than ever to your partner! Ready to get your bedroom acrobatics on? Read on for more ideas: Facesitting, Handjobs Foto Pixelio Wagschal
Vanilla. It generally refers to tender, romantic sex that moves rather slowly, involving lots of caresses and looking deep into each other's eyes. It's the "making love" that 50 Cent isn't into. Sometimes when people say "vanilla," they specifically mean sex in the missionary position. Basically, it's a term for "boring" sex, even if you say it lovingly about an activity you enjoy. Usually, it is used in contrast to kinky or BDSM sex, indicating it as free of these traits. But in fact it can be hard to draw such a clear distinction. Power dynamics, hair-pulling, anal sex and dirty talk tend to work their way into most bedrooms. What works for you works for you. If having loving sex, with people you love in some form is what makes you feel empowered, beautiful and satisfied the next morning, then that is precisely what you should do.

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The dildo is pretty much the oldest sex toy in the world. Design is usually based on the phallus, but they come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Dildos are used by all genders and sexual orientations. The first “modern” dildos came onto the market in the 1940s. They were made of rubber and had a metal spring inside in order to give it strength. Later on PVC was used because of its softer quality. Excavations of a site in Ulm, Germany dating back to 30,000 years old have found phallus-shaped artifacts ranging in size of around 20cm. Further evidence is suggested from a figure on a vase holding a dildo, dating back to 490 BC. Dildos have become more socially acceptable as their popularity grows. Except in Alabama in the USA, where they are strictly prohibited! More on getting publicly freaky here: Sex Toys, Anal Toys, Masturbation Text by Nordseebär

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Phone sex originated in an age when phones were stationary and had cords attached to them, you know, totally pre-historic! Part of the appeal of phone sex then, was that there was no visual component. The caller enjoyed the tones of the voice, the personality of the person on the other end, and the fantasies sparked by the dirty talk hat was exchanged. Phone sex has occurred between partners who were separated by distance, but it has also been a business for decades. Numbers with special per-minute rates were set up, staffed by women of all types, and callers were pleasured for money. What's interesting is that while phone sex between partners is sex, it also plays a part in their relationship, and can be a tool for maintaining or even increasing intimacy.
Cybersex is the swapping of digital fluids- sexy thoughts and feelings using a chat messenger or webcams. Sometimes people have "cam to cam" sex, or get themselves off at the same time while chatting to bring a real side to the fantasy of chat. Cybersex has existed since the 90s, when hanging out in chat rooms became the 'in thing' to do. At first people were swapping images and messages via email, but that was painfully slow compared to what became possible with instant messenger. Not only were flirting and sex, instant and in full color, but also anonymous and felt like they were happening in a different world. There are mad scientists out there trying to develop virtual reality tools in the form of helmets, gloves and even suits especially made for cybersex. There are already vibrators you can plug into your USB, so really anything is possible!

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Sex on the beach is more than just your favorite drink (admit it). It's obviously an enticing activity. As soon as you picture a beach with sand, you might be less enticed. And we hear you. Boy, do we hear you. But there are those who will not be thwarted! It's hot, there are so many glistening bodies, and you're almost naked anyway! This is where the Europeans can help out! European seas and shores are dotted with nude beaches and private resorts, and not only will you find beaches that welcome nudity (perhaps with enormous fig leaves blocking the neighbors' view of your hanging fruits) but also some that welcome impromptu sexual performances, and may even provide an audience. Whether you're a shower or a watcher, or both, you might find this type of vacation more relaxing than average! For more adult fun in the sun here: Parking Lot Sex, Exhibitionism, Nudism, Voyeurism

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Goths are a sub-culture that often get written off by 'normal' people. What a lot of people miss out on is a great depth, complexity and beauty in this strange dark world. Goths are usually seen in black clothing. The range of styles depends on their fancy: Victorian and metal are the two most typical but there are many others. Most of them wear heavy dark eyeliner and whiten their faces to mirror their obsessions with the morbid occult. Accessories include crucifixes and skull jewelry and occasionally candles. Goth culture has a strong musical side- genres include dark wave, new wave, heavy metal and certain types of electronic music. There can also be a strong BDSM element to their look. Leather, latex, costumes, whips and chains can be integrated into a Gothic persona or also for kinky sexual play. Caught your interest? You might also like: BDSM, Corsets, Leather