How do you like your man? Smooth and shaved or do you prefer a hairy man? There's pluses to both sides. Find out why sometimes a little bit of fur can go a long way to turning you on.

For the Love of a Hairy Man




I love hairy men. Actually, a specific hairy man. I love to fuck him, to rub my body against his. To feel both the soft and crinkly hairs that cover his body under my fingertips. He’s warm when we cuddle and hot when he fucks my brains out. I blame the hair.

Damn, is it getting hot in here?

It wasn’t always so. In my pre-kinky days, I preferred my men smooth. Little to no chest hair. No back hair allowed. And I hoped they didn’t have those gorilla legs that shed worse than I do with my long hair. While there’s nothing wrong with the amount of hair, a little or a lot, on a man, these days, my tastes have changed.

I don’t just love the hair covering his body. The body I enjoy fucking and sucking, riding and being ridden by. Oh no. I can’t forget his facial hair.

We have an agreement around here. He isn’t allowed to remove his facial hair. At all. Ever. And I promise to sit on his face whenever he wants. I consider it a win-win.

Sit on my face and tell me that me that you love me...

When we met, he had a small goatee. The rest of his face was smooth and hair-free.

Then came November, and he declared he would grow his moustache out for Movember. An annual event that encourages men to grow moustaches to raise awareness about prostate and other forms of cancer.

Did I love his hairy self before or after the moustache? I’m not sure.

But I watched as his facial hair grew and he shaped it with his razor every few days. Now his moustache and beard are trimmed close to his face, and definitely one of his best features. The streaks of gray and silver aren’t signs that he’s getting older. Instead they’re signs that he’s got experience. The kind of experience that promises multiple orgasms, sex in different positions, kinky fun, and screams that will make the neighbors call the police.

My hairy man doesn’t simply look sexy. Oh no, there’s a real physical benefit to all that hair. The smell of my sex that lingers after a round (or three) of oral sex makes me wet and horny. The way my skin turns pink when I rub my chest against his chest because there’s so much hair covering his body gives me shivers.

It all started with a sexy moustache...

Oh yes, I love a hairy man, and to think it began with a moustache and a cancer awareness movement. Cancer affects millions of people around the world. Prostate and testicular cancer are very real threats to men everywhere. Growing a moustache, talking about cancer, and participating in Movember could save someone’s life.

But let’s not forget the other benefits. Arousal. More sex. And a lover (of any gender) who wants to be closer to your hairy self.

So the question is, guys, will you grow a moustache for Movember? You can tell people it’s for cancer. Or you can do it for the wet panties (or hard cocks) your hairy self will cause. It’s okay, either way, it’s for a good cause.


Kayla Lords is a freelance writer, sex blogger, and a masochistic babygirl living the 24/7 D/s life. Follow her on her website or on Twitter @Kaylalords.



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