Looking for something fun and sexy to do this week? Maybe you want to learn a new trick? Or meet some fresh faces? Your search has finally fucking ended. Popcorn.dating has done the work for you and gathered the top ten sex positive events in London. Be there or be square.
With the weather getting colder, we would think that people want to layer more clothing instead of taking them off! This week proves us wrong with an array of burlesque performances, striptease workshops, pole dancing classes and more. Your artistic side will also be happy to know that there are musicals, dance events and creative performances.



 Top Ten Things to Fucking Do #40:
Bedroom Seduction 101

10. Soho Burlesque Club Late
Every Saturday, Miss Polly Rae performs an outrageous late night burlesque and cabaret soirée. The Soho Burlesque Club is designed to titillate, tease and warm you up! There will also be a fair amount of comedy and debauchery!  October 8, 11pm
9. Under 35’s Midweek Kinky Drinks
Join about 80 to 120 young kinky people in London! It’s a monthly social get together for the young pervs of London to meet and mingle. No end time, keep it short or linger all night long. 
October 7, 7pm

Get fit, get sexy, get confident:
8. Discover Pole at London Dance Academy
During this beginner’s class, you will be taught basic pole moves including spins, transitions and floor work. These classes will give you a good idea of what to expect in a regular class. Each week is different, so you can keep discovering new things each time. No need to be nervous, the trainers are fully qualified fitness professionals who will pass on their skills in a safe and friendly atmosphere.
October 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8 at varying times

Bedroom Seduction 101:
7. Coco de Mer: Seductress in the Bedroom
Participate in a striptease class with Miss Polly Rae. Over the course of two hours, you will explore the art of striptease, including disrobing with confidence and using character to set the scene. Being surrounded by Coco de Mer’s lingerie will be a perfect inspiration for the night.  October 6, 6:30pm
6. Sh! Women’s Store: Bedroom Bondage Erotic Class
Intended for women and couples, you will learn about bondage and power play for pleasure. You’ll learn how to safely and consensually tie and tease your partner as well as how to accentuate the sexual experience with erotic and sensory stimulation. Fully clothed demonstrations. Bubble and cupcakes will be served.  October 5, 6:30pm
5. Anatomie Studio: Rope Jam (Beginners)
You’re always invited every Tuesday and Thursday for a Rope Jam! Anatomie Studio is open for general rope practice. If you’re a complete beginner, then on Thursdays you can join for an introduction session right at the beginning. All levels are welcome to connect, create and discover. Free wifi, tea and coffee. Mats, suspension points, rope and blankets are available for use.
October 6, 7pm to 11pm, beginner session 7:30pm to 9pm

Get your freaky on
4. Pink Glove
Get ready to dance the night away to some Queer Pulp, Indie, Post Punk, New Wave Disco. This event is for “fags, freaks and femmes”. They don’t care what you wear, as long as it is pink and tight! For October’s installment they have some special guests planned!
October 8, 10pm to 3am
3. Hot Flush: The Musical
The Zodiac presents Hot Flush, a hilarious musical about the friendships, the secrets, the tears, the laughs and ups and downs of four ordinary women and one man. A divorce lawyer, a widow and a few mid-life crises will have you laughing all evening.  October 4, 7:30pm to 10pm
2. Anatomie Studio: The Soap Box
The Soap Box is a bi-monthly arts event for local (and some non-local) performance artists to take the stage. Performances are curated by Gestalta and often include shibari, however they tend to include other forms like poetry, aerial circus and theatre.  October 7, 8pm to 1am
And coming in at this week’s top thing to do…..
1. Wam Bam Club
Experience a glamorous cabaret burlesque show in the iconic Royal Albert Hall. It is one of the longest-running burlesque supper clubs in London (dinner is optional). Enjoy a night full of showgirls and showboys! It is funny, naughty and classy all at once!  October 8, 8pm
Want more things to fucking do? Stay tuned for next week's edition of Popcorn.dating's Top Ten Things to Fucking Do for more (sex positive) events!
Rebecca Dane is one half of A Couple of Kinks - a sex-positive site that focuses on sex toy reviews, ‘how to’ guides and stories of their sex adventures. They are hoping to help impact the sex toy industry by focusing on safe, ethical and LGBT+ inclusive companies as well as help normalize sex and kink.


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