Halloween is just around the corner and that means it’s time to decide if you’re the Halloween version of Scrooge (like me) who doesn’t turn on the lights, buy the candy, or put on a sexy Halloween costume or if you’re more like Buddy the Elf (as I imagine he would be during Halloween): “Look at all the decorations! Buy more candy! I love your costume!”

The one decision that confronts all women (regardless of gender identity) is whether to go as something like a Queen, a duck, or a monster or the sexy version of that same costume idea. Like most things in life involving a woman’s body, people have plenty of opinions about it. 

Sexy Halloween Costumes - Yay or Nay



Different Types of Sexy Costumes:

We all know about the sexy nurse, the sexy schoolgirl, the sexy vampire, and the sexy witch. Of course, with a simple Google search, you’ll also find the sexy bumble bee (really?!), sexy fairies, and sexy convicts. In 2014, Playboy came out with a different variety of sexy costumes:

John Oliver


Neil deGrasse Tyson


Louis C.K.



Is there a point where we’ve gone too far? Or is it all good but slightly strange fun? I don’t have any answers, but no, I won’t dress up as sexy John Oliver no matter how funny I think he is.

Reasons to Go Sexy or Not:

Like everything we do regarding sex, the only thing that matters is consent, but it’s important to examine why we do the things we do. If Halloween is one of the few times of year you want dress in the shortest skirt possible, let your boobs hang out, and go out as a sexy Transformer or a sexy spider or whatever, and you do it because you enjoy it, go for it. But if you do it because you think you’re supposed to or it’s expected of you. Please realize that you can throw on a sheet with two holes cut out for the eyes and hide all of your curves and still have a fun Halloween.

On the flip side, there’s no shame in showing off your body if it’s something you enjoy doing. This is a bit like the slut discussion we’ve had before. Do what makes you feel good, what you like, and what you want to do while respecting other people for their choices. Sexy Joe Biden is a little weird to me, but hey, every time he says “Malarkey,” I get a little choked up so I get it. People will try to shame you for your costume choices (sexy or otherwise). Ignore the haters and do what feels right to you.

Sexy Halloween Costumes Aren’t an Invitation for Abuse

When someone wears barely there skirts or shorts, shows their cleavage, or purposely dresses a little (or a lot) sexier than usual, it’s not an invitation to do what you want. You can look, but you can’t touch - until you get permission. No, she’s not asking for it, and yes, she should be able to dress the way she wants without being groped, raped, or abused in any other way.

Your reaction to a woman in a sexy costume says more about you than it does her.

If you spent more time trying to talk to her and get to know her than you did gawking, you might stand a better chance of finding out whether sexy Wonder Woman wears panties or not. But if she isn’t interested, move the hell on and find someone who is. It might be the chick in a sheet with two holes cut for the eyes who isn’t showing off a single curve. You never know.

And yes, I find it sad that we still have to tell people not to touch other people without their permission, and that the rule applies on Halloween, too.

When Someone Else Calls You “Slut”

There are plenty of people, women and men, who think wearing the sexy or slutty costume makes you an automatic slut or desperate for attention. Maybe you are, but it doesn’t matter. In a perfect world, we could all do the things we want (that are legal, of course) without worrying about what other people think. We’re not there yet. Instead we have to realize that people are going to react to us in ways we can’t control. The only thing we can control is ourselves. I say wear the slut label proudly if what you’re doing makes you feel good about yourself.

When you pick out your sexy Elmo costume or your sexy firefighter uniform, wear it because you like it, because you feel good in it, and because it fits your idea of a fun Halloween costume. Don’t apologize if you like your butt hanging out or your boobs pushed up to your chin. If that makes you feel good, ignore the haters. (Ignore the haters anyway, but don’t feel pressured to wear or do anything that makes you uncomfortable.)

Halloween is about having fun. Sexy Halloween costumes are supposed to be part of that. Yes, people ogle a half-naked person (woman or man), and yes, some people react badly. Do what makes you comfortable, wear the costume you like, and hold your head up proudly whether you wearing a garbage bag or a sexy Mickey Mouse costume.


Kayla Lords is a freelance writer, sex blogger, and a masochistic babygirl living the 24/7 D/s life. Follow her on her website or on Twitter @Kaylalords.



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