Looking for something fun and sexy to do this week? Maybe you want to learn a new trick? Or meet some fresh faces? Your search has finally fucking ended. Popcorn.dating has done the work for you and gathered the top ten sex positive events in London. Be there or be square.

This week, London is putting on quite a few sex-positive performances! Between new plays, burlesque shows and unique gameshows, you’ll have plenty of fun activities to pick from. Don’t forget to head out after to a nearby party or schedule in a workshop!

Top Ten Things to Fucking Do #38:

FUCK Gender



10. Barbu
Daring, daft, and sexy as hell: this is circus, but not as you know it. Packed with astonishing acrobatics and perfectly-groomed beards, BARBU is the most fun you'll have in a tent this year. September, most nights of the week

9. Sex & The City Ladies’ Night at The Ritz Cinema
Fundraising event for completion of the Ritz Cinema. Screening of Sex & the City: The Movie. Tickets are only £3. September 24 at 7pm

Get down on all fours...

8. Mr Puppy UK
Mr Puppy UK is the current UK title representing Pups and Handlers throughout the UK. Held annually to elect a successor to the title, it is an event created by pups, for pups, handlers, and all friends of the pup community. The title holder elected at this event will not only represent Pups & Handlers throughout the UK for a full year. September 24, 1pm to 11pm

7. Briefs
Your glamorous host Shivannah guides you through a jaw-dropping, eye-popping evening of extravagant birdbath boylesque, too-close-for-comfort yo-yo tricks, valiant aerial acrobatics, irreverent interludes and show-stopping drag artistes. September, most nights of the week. 

Happy lady gardens...Yes please!

6. Coco de Mer: Pleasing the Petals
Unveil the mysteries of female pleasure and reciprocal satisfaction with Miss England's expert salon, and realise your true erotic potential with lessons in delivering pleasure to yourself and your partner. Students of the Salon will then explore how to fully exploit the giving and receiving of pleasure through confidence, creativity and being present in the moment, and discover techniques to banish insecurities and nerves from the bedroom. September 23 at 6:30pm

5.  House of Burlesque Speakeasy
Under the streets of the world famous London's West End lurks a world of stockings, feathers and fabulousness. The UK's Top Burlesque production house's a weekly Saturday night residency. See Fan-dancing divas, tantalising tassel-twirlers, cabaret and circus glitterati and everything in between in a gin-soaked fabulous live show performed in the round. September 24, 6:30pm to 8pm


No effort, no entry Just be fabulous! (1).png


Here's one for all you gamers out there:

4. Miss Behave’s Gamshow
Award-winning Miss Behave returns direct from the USA with her global smash-hit show. It’s part game show, part variety show and part disco! September 19 at 7:30pm

3. Imaginarium xx(x)
Imaginarium is a sci-fi fetish rave and this edition is the “Erotic Edition”. Fetish/Fantasy costume event with two dancefloors, cabaret acts, stage dancers and a playroom. This is not-for-profit, run by the community for the community, hosted at Club Union. Confirmed Djs include Love Lizard and Bambi Blue. September 24, 10pm to 6am

What's so funny about HIV?

2. Glory Theatre: Affection
Affection is a new play about bodies, intimacy and HIV. Based on real-life stories, affection is not a victim piece. It is funny, raw and honest. Because it’s about time that we had another conversation about HIV. September 13 to 24, at 7:30pm

And coming in at this week’s top thing to do….. FUCK Gender

1. Fuck Gender: A Queer Sex Workshop
What would our sexual selves look like if we built from a place beyond gender? At this two-day workshop you can learns simple practises that help us to engage sexually, not despite our queer bodies, but because of their wonderful, binary-busting potential. On day one, you’ll explore the ways to connect with sexuality beyond gender. Day one will be “pants on” and focus on breathing and meditation techniques. Day two will be “pants off” exercises as you will consciously explore your own body using breathing and touch. Safer sex, safety and consent will all be followed.
September 24 at 11am to September 25 at 5pm 


Want more things to fucking do? Stay tuned for next week's edition of Popcorn.dating's Top Ten Things to Fucking Do for more (sex positive) events!

Rebecca Dane is one half of A Couple of Kinks - a sex-positive site that focuses on sex toy reviews, ‘how to’ guides and stories of their sex adventures. They are hoping to help impact the sex toy industry by focusing on safe, ethical and LGBT+ inclusive companies as well as help normalize sex and kink. 

Cover image copyright Imaginarium Events. 



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