Looking for something fun and sexy to do this week? Maybe you want to learn a new trick? Or meet some fresh faces? Your search has finally fucking ended. Popcorn.dating has done the work for you and gathered the top ten sex positive events in London. Be there or be square.
Mid-October is filled with creative body positive and female friendly classes, social spaces and a special tour of London’s riqué past. Take this week to learn something different or meet someone new! Enjoy that fall weather by heading out to a local event.



Top Ten Things to Fucking Do #41:
 SoHo's Wonderful & Wild Women

10. Pole Dancing Taster
If you want to try pole dancing for the first time, then it is best to drop into a ‘taster’ class. You’ll get to discover and experience what Pole Dance Fitness is all about. These classes are for absolute beginners who want to try it out before signing up for more classes.  October 12, 8:30pm to 9:30pm

9. Topper’s Club at The Flying Dutchman
Toppers is a BDSM.Fetish Club run by Miss G Vious and Goddess Cleo. It caters to a wide variety of fetishes and fantasies. Known as the friendliest fetish club in London, it is held twice a month and welcomes everyone. Dress code is fetish attire, minimum black clothing.  October 14, 9pm to 6am

Munch ado about nothing...

8. Over 35s Munch
Last week, the under 35s were celebrated, so this week it only makes sense that we celebrate the over 35s! This munch is primarily for older folk, however young folk who like old folk are welcome too! This takes place every second Wednesday of the month at The Cottage Bar. Vanilla attire.
October 12, 7pm to 11pm

7. Soho Burlesque Club Late
Spend your Saturday night with burlesque superstar Miss Polly Rae, while you get up close and personal with her Cabaret Soirée. This show includes comedy, debauchery, scinitllating curvus acts and the crème de la crème of London’s burlesque scene.   October 15, 11pm

Speak out for LOVE!

6. Spoken Word London - Queer
Spoken Word London is an open-mic poetry night that invites everyone to perform for five minutes. This week’s event is their ‘Queer’ special, with the theme “Speaking Out For Love”. All donations will be collected for LGBT+ charities. This event is organized by the AndWhat? Queer Arts Fest.
October 11, 7:30pm to 12am

5. CellarDoor
CellarDoor is an intimate bar (or basement dive) with live acts every single evening. Entrance is free each evening with the possibility of reserved seating and guaranteed admission for a fee.  
Spend every Monday with London’s sweetest Drag Queens or ‘Discover Who’s Your Dada’ with Cabaret Voltaire on Wednesdays.  October 10 at 9pm, October 12 at 9pm, respectively

Tune your flute skills...

4. Coco de Mer: Playing the Flute
Master Dominic will teach you all about giving and receiving the perfect fellatio. This course strives to break taboos and open up conversations about the topic, including using hands and how to heighten arousal.  October 14, 6:30pm
3. Sh! Women’s Store: Orgasmic Erotic Class
Intended for women only, learn all about orgasmic peaks. You will discuss clitorises and climaxes, learn how to locate the g-spot, learn how to use certain toys and what to expect from female ejaculation. There will be time made for questions and answers. Bubbly and cupcakes served.
October 12, 6:30pm

Who knew ropes could be so fun? Knot I said the fly....

2. Hitchin’ Bitches London
Hitchin’ Bitches is a female positive space where you can learn and practice rope. This is an event for riggers, rope tops and dominants who identify as female. Bottoms or bunnies can be any gender but must arrive accompanied. Beginners are welcome to learn and participate. There are some formal tutorials, but it is mostly a peer to peer learning event.  October 15, 2pm to 6pm

And coming in at this week’s top thing to do…..

1. The Wild and Wonderful Women of Soho
Attend a unique walking tour of Soho in London. Over an hour and forty minutes, you will get to learn about the the characters who make Soho’s history so colourful. This includes a bigamous duchess, Britain’s first famous transvestite and the many historical brothels.  October 16, 11am to 12:45pm

Want more things to fucking do? Stay tuned for next week's edition of Popcorn.dating's Top Ten Things to Fucking Do for more (sex positive) events!
Rebecca Dane is one half of A Couple of Kinks - a sex-positive site that focuses on sex toy reviews, ‘how to’ guides and stories of their sex adventures. They are hoping to help impact the sex toy industry by focusing on safe, ethical and LGBT+ inclusive companies as well as help normalize sex and kink.



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