Popcorn.dating takes out the tired, boring date tradition of getting a bite to eat, then getting drunk. Instead, replace it with something you’re not so used to. This week, we've compiled a geeky list of top ten date ideas for all nerdy (or non-nerdy) couples. Learn, craft, watch and make your way around the best date spots in London. 


10. Beer Nerds 'R' Welcome

Up your brew game and showcase your booze knowledge over at Camden Town Brewery Bar with their comprehensive tours and sampling sessions. You’ll take home a whole new batch of info, expert beer recommendations, and probably a couple bottles to consume in a cozier atmosphere.

For the beer nerds in all of us, we give it ...



9. The Good Kind of Creepy History

Whether you want to play tourist or get your spine tingling, learning about London’s haunted past is a thrilling and fun way to ease into a relaxed date. The capital’s Ghost Bus Tour is a theatrical sightseeing tour with a touch of horror comedy to keep you entertained.

History nerd, check. Horror geek, check. Maybe not for everyone, but for some it'll be epic!


8. Film Freaks on the Green

Everyman Screen on the Green is known as one of the most impressive theatre facades in London, which is a hard contest to win with London’s plentiful vintage cinemas. Check this spot for an eclectic mix of new and old films, and best of all: you can claim your own couch with delivered snacks and red wine right by your side.

For sexy dim lighting and catered makeout sessions, we give it a...


7. An Audiophile's Wet Dream

Vinyl is in, that’s for sure, so a thrifty and fun date would be sifting through new and old classics as a local record shop like Rough Trade East, where you can even stop in for a quirky snapshot in their adorable photo booth. A great cheap date option, as long as neither of you are audiophiles with a spending habit.

You spin me right round baby. Right round. Like a record baby...


6. Have a Swingin' Shagin' Good Ol' Time

The Shag Pile is home to swing dancing in Bethnal Green (why, what did you think we meant?) where you can learn the classic movies of the 1930s. Bring your date and don’t step on any toes as you both learn to shake, shimmy, and jive in true retro style.

Retro nerds and dance aficionados will be delighted, we give it a...



5. Plays Well with Balls

Save this one for past the getting-to-know-you stage, because you’ll both be far too caught up in the fun to want to sit down and chat. Bounce is London’s premium ping pong club, with tables running as low as a tenner, and a fantastic way to work up a sweat after dinner.

Fantastic cocktails, getting sweaty and playing with balls, what's not to like?


4. Coffee Gets All Sciency...

Sounds mundane, but is actually a blast! Londoners love their coffee, so learn how to make in a speciality coffee brewing workshop from Vagabond Coffee Roasters. Start off with a brief history lesson about coffee, and work your way up to learning the proper ratios, roasts, and brewing methods that will take your morning cuppa to the next level.

Coffee nerds will be happy, history nerds will be happy and science geeks will be overjoyed...


3. What's the Password?

Looking for a casual drink has never been more unique – The Nightjar is Shoreditch’s perfect speakeasy as they rock prohibition style from their drinks to their décor. Don your favourite 20s frocks to go all out because you certainly won’t be alone!

Speak the password and get a fantastic drink, yes please! We give it a...


2. Strap on and Roll Around

A trip down memory lane isn’t complete with a retro roller disco, and London’s Bump is the perfect time warp destination. Throw on your neon leggings and athletic short shorts as your strap on glittery skates and, well, attempt not to fall down. Bonus points if you can manage to look super cool while doing this!

Nostalgic, leg-warming fun. Did we mention leggings? And glitter?


And the number one place to go is…


1. DIY @ DSD...

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 17.24.30.png

Take it easy, because we’re not asking you to sail off into the sunset together. Drink Shop Do offers regular fun and resourceful classes, one of which involves crafting your own silver rings, completely with a complimentary cocktail.

Crafting nerds will wet themselves: DIY AND cocktails? This is the winner this week!



Been to any of these places? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.


Charlotte is the writer behind the sex-positive blog, My Tickle Trunk. She is a sex blogger and passionate advocate for body-safe sex aids, sexual exploration, and body positivity! Twitter: @MyTickleTrunk





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