Whether you want to create the perfect atmosphere to tell your special someone how you feel, or just want to wine, dine, and 69, Fuck has gathered a top 10 list of the most romantic spots in London. From jewellery exhibitions and stunning views to lavish hotel suites and wine caves, be sure to find something to woo your date.


10. Victoria & Albert Museum

If you’re craving a day in one of London’s world-class museums, consider dropping by the William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum, where you’ll be in the presence of 3,500 rare and extraordinary jewels. Even the most museum-phobic date will be mesmerised, and you can even use the room’s computers to design a ring of your own! 
Two stars for never being too old to enjoy shiny things.


9. Atop Greenwich Park

A beautiful view is always sure to stir some feelings, so put stars in each other's eyes with this unique view atop the iconic hill. A sensuous picnic will turn this afternoon into a tale for two, with the backdrop of Palladian architecture to set the mood.
Two and a half stars for your next date with the architecture geek!

Greenwich park.jpg

8. Fox & Anchor Pub

Whisper sweet nothings to each other or get a little handsy under the table in the tiny wooden alcoves of the Fox & Anchor. The old-timey feeling of a confessional keeps you away from prying eyes, while you enjoy delicious pub food in this intimate setting.
Three stars for being the perfect casual date, with the right atmosphere for naughty thoughts.


7. The Whispering Gallery

Then, of course, you can quite literally whisper sweet nothings, in St. Paul’s legendary Whispering Gallery. Here, lovers can stand on opposite sides of the steps, and a quirk in the construction of the interior of the dome makes a whisper audible clear across the dome. Share your secrets here, or shout your love from the rooftop! 
Three stars for keeping your thoughts pure – this is a church, after all.


6. The Meeting Place

Where’s London’s most kissable spot? Just look for exactly the most intimate display in the city. Plant one on your date under the 30-foot statue of a couple embracing at St. Pancras station for an unforgettable first kiss. Between the golden age of train travel and the most beautiful station in the city, this is a perfect way to part the night (or to start a night together!)
Three and a half stars for cheap, accessible, and on the way home!

Kissing statue.jpg

5. Kensington Palace Gardens Lovers’ Arch

Wandering the gardens of Kensington Palace is dreamy enough, but the Lovers’ Arch is perfect for a romantic afternoon stroll. You won’t find a mention of romantic London date spots without this place, and for a good reason. Greenery surrounds you both, and a cheeky bottle of wine in your purse is sure to make this a date you’ll never forget.
Four stars for the setting of a storybook romance!


4. Hotel 41

The Conservatory Suite at the 41 is a true private paradise, complete with a double Jacuzzi so that you can get wet and wild! Pamper yourselves with luxurious beauty products, and put on a show for the stars under their glass roof. Once you’ve done that, take the in-room telescope for a spin to see who else you can find enjoying their nights.
Four stars for the exhibitionist in all of us!


3. Andrew Edmunds

If you’re going for romance but also need an ambient bite to eat, Soho’s Andrew Edmunds fits the bill with candlelit tables and an impressive sense of history. Considered one of the last bastions of 'old Soho', this spot has been wooing couples for decades and is still one of the most romantic restaurants in all of London.
Four point five stars for holding hands across the table and tangling feet underneath!

couple date.jpg

2. Gordon’s Wine Bar

Wine? Check. History? Check. A Cave? Check. That’s right; this place is an underground bar! Split a bottle of pinot in London’s oldest wine bar, where time seems to stand still as the walls and ceilings arch around you. No caving gear required!
Five stars for a nightcap drink to end the evening, and start the night.


And the Number One romantic spot to fucking go to is…


1. Bateaux London Cruise

You could grab dinner and then walk along the Thames, or you could do it all at once! Batueax London Cruises provides some of the city’s finest cruises, complete with dinner and entertainment. Take in the beautiful London skyline, while enjoying delicious British food with a modern twist, for an interruption-free romantic moment.
Five stars an elegant evening your date will never forget.


Have you been to any of these places? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!



Charlotte is the writer behind the sex-positive blog, My Tickle Trunk. She is a sex blogger and passionate advocate for body-safe sex aids, sexual exploration, and body positivity! Twitter: @MyTickleTrunk





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