Joining online dating sites like BeNaughty, the subject of this review, used to come with a stigma. Once seen as the dark and depressing home of those with no hope, the world of online dating has changed. No longer is it spoken about in hushed whispers with signs of embarrassment.


It makes sense and there should be no stigma—the internet connects us all and give us the chance to hook up and date out of a larger pool of people, with many sites for all interests. Some, like OK Cupid, ask hundreds of questions in an effort to get to the bottom of who you are and what you want. But what if you just want to fuck, and don't have the time or energy to answer questions about your personality and beliefs. For those of you looking for an occasional hook up, or something a little less heavy that doesn't require you to explain too much about yourself, there are sites such as BeNaughty.


A truly free dating site? Think again..


BeNaughty is free site to sign up to, although there are charges once you get to the "chatting to people" stage. It is very simple and easy to use, no complicated forms or questions you don't want to answer; you even don't have to add a photo if you don't want to. The only potential down side is that you can't browse the site without signing up. So if you were hoping for a sneaky peak to see if this free site was right for you, sorry. You'll have to hand over your details first.


BeNaughty, you forgot about us bisexuals!


Strangely enough, the first question you are asked is whether you are searching for a male or female, and there is no option at sign up to search for both. I thought this was a bit conservative for a free site online dating with the name BeNaughty. But, fellow bi-, pan- and polysexuals, have no fear! On BeNaughty you can search either set of profiles and hook up with people of any gender.


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BeNaughty's truly terrible photos

Still, the photos on BeNaughty are impressively bad. Not the content, but perhaps they should offer a basic selfie class. It's not the content of the photos; it’s just that if you are going to add a head shot, you should really make sure that half your head isn't missing. The same goes if you are going to add a sexy or explicit shot; make sure you've got a clear shot of the pose you're going for—really, that's a nice smartphone you have, but we're not here to ogle electronics.

Naughty photos are blurred in normal viewing mode, and you need to change your settings to view them. When you do this you will be met with a warning box. Let's face it you weren't expecting pictures of tea parties - were you? The two other photo settings are 'sexy' and 'no limits'. There are some interesting ideas as to what constitutes sexy. Again, selfie classes, please.

Profile information is optional, but they do give you the opportunity to share as much information as you like. Everything from hair colour to piercings and tattoos can be included. There is also space for you to add a little something about what you are looking for. So, if you want handcuff and feathers, a hook up or a relationship, or everything above, this is the place to say so. Of course, the more information you give, the closer the matches will be to your interests. Being honest is really important, regardless of what you just want to fuck or are looking for a long-lasting friendship, or both. There seem to be are a number of "caring, loving and good with animals" types on the site that either don't know what they want or are still afraid to ask. If you're in no rush, it could be fun finding out which it is through the flirty conversation.

Online Dating Field Reports -


Hey, what's up?

As you go through the profiles be prepared for the corny one-liners that live on every online dating site. My favorite so far is "let me rearrange the alphabet to put U before I" - I'm still laughing even as I write. Oh and anyone who puts 'I love you daer' (their spelling not mine) has to be worth a visit and a message, if only to see how they intend to follow that through. There are more than a few occasions when the photo and the status just don't go together. There really is nothing wrong with looking for somebody "single, honest and faithful," as one user does, but teamed together with a picture of her half naked and touching herself, one gets potentially mixed messages.

So what have we learned from this BeNaughty review? It is a good place to start your online dating journey, particularly as it is a free site to sign up to. If you're looking for an occasional hook up or dirty chat, it will most likely more than fill your needs. It's definitely one for finding casual encounters and NSA fucks. But, if you are looking for something really naughty, beyond silk ties and fluffy handcuffs, you might have a fair few false starts. They only way to find out is to get on, sign up and start a flirty chat with someone of similar interests.

See something we missed in this BeNaughty review? Don't agree with us? Leave it in the comments.



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