When it comes to online sex shops, finding one that has a wide selection, quality products, good reviews and great pricing isn’t easy. Popcorn.dating put author Sienna Saint-Cyr to the task of finding the top five online sex stores.


Top Five Online Sex Shops

Finding a good sex shop can be frustrating. There is a vast number of online stores selling sex toys, but finding ones that carry products for all genders, sexualities, and pairings can be like searching for a needle in the haystack. Sure, shops can cater to couples, singles, women, men, lesbians, gays, and so on, but shops that have product for everyone aren’t as easy to find.

I’d rather buy all my products in one place. Finding places to purchase lesbian, trans, and hetero toys in one location is my goal. Below is a compilation of the best online sex shops that offer international shipping.

1. GoodVibes

This one was my number one pick for several reasons. First, they have a good selection of product and even break things into categories for transgender, gay, lesbian, intersex and more. You can drop transgender into the search window and a list of products designed for or suggested to trans folks comes up.

People don’t have to sort through products that don’t pertain to them, and this is one of the only sites that offered this option.The reason this is so important to me is that I’m all about owning who we are. But so many online shops cater to one group or another. Even if the same dildo comes up under sex toys for women, sex toys for men, gay sex toys, and so on, the fact that people can search under their individual desire or need means that this site honours our individuality. They make all their customers feel included in a sex-positive environment.
They have an extensive selection, competitive prices, and a blog with education materials. This online store is all inclusive! About the only downfall is that they don’t have many product ratings yet. So if that’s important to you, I’d suggest looking up the product in multiple places before purchasing.

2. AdamEve

AdamEve is second on my list because they have the widest variety of sex toys of all the shops I found. With a huge selection of masturbators, lubes, even sexy clothing options for men and plus-size wear, this is the place to go for variety. The prices vary but are reasonable for their quality. Most products have at least 50 reviews of 4 stars or higher! Prices are also competitive to other online stores.
The benefit to such a large selection is that they can offer a range of products from the more affordable to the more expensive. All have good ratings, despite their cost, which tells me that product quality is important to these folks.   

Woman holding a pink dildo in bed - Popcorn.dating
Try it before you buy it

3. EdenFantasys

EdenFantasy is number three on this list because of their ‘EdenPilot - Try it before you buy it program’. This feature allows you to try the product(s) part of the program for a certain number of days before they charge you for it. So if you don’t like it, you aren’t stuck with it. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to buying sex toys is that if they aren’t good, it’s not like you can return a used product. But with this store, you have options. To see the details of this program, check out their Terms and Conditions page.
Another benefit to this sex shop is that many of the products also have safety tips, which you don't usually find at a sex store. EdenFantasy has a section with information on how to use the product safely, and if it’s a kink product, there are standard kink safety tips that aren’t even specific to the product. They offer education as well as product.


4. AdultToyRoom

AdultToyRoom, like others on my list, offers a broad selection of product with competitive pricing. They also keep tabs on the most popular products world wide. The benefit to this is that we are getting a much wider range of reviews and product options because they’re tracking internationally rather than internal or local sales. 
The biggest reason they are on my list, though, is that this site offers trans wear. So realistic looking breasts and penises that attach with medical adhesive, and can even be customised in skin tone (including adding freckles) to make them feel and look like a part of you. They offer products for everyone, but this is a bonus to the trans community. 


5. LoveHoney

Number five is LoveHoney. They made my list because they ship to several countries and have sites designed for those locations. While many sites ship internationally, there is the cost to go along with that. So by using your country’s particular LoveHoney site, not only will the language and dollar amount shift, but the shipping as well. So this site not only has a wide selection but also caters to a larger list of places.


Overall Thoughts

While there are many online sex shops, these are my top picks. Not only do they have variety, but good reviews and pricing as well. Happy shopping!

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