It’s summer! (Even if it’s rainy.) That means more opportunity for sexy wear - and play! Stock up your closet and bedroom with products from The Fucking Best Sex Shops in London, including lingerie stores. Whether you’re looking for something entry level and vanilla or kinky and wild, this city’s got a lot to offer - and it’s all easier to find than you’d think. 




For Him & Her

Simply Pleasure: With multiple locations in London and across England as well as an online storefront, Simply Pleasure is perhaps the most accessible sex toy shop for men and women in the area. The chain offers a wide variety of sex products including more entry level devices and accessories for helping you get off. Along with more basic items, Simply Pleasure also carries beginners bondage and other fetish products.

Coco de Mer: If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, stop by Coco de Mer on Monmouth Street. The boutique carries luxury sex toys as well as beautiful lingerie and fetish wear (including latex fashion). While the storefront does cater more directly to female customers, the company’s online store offers a broader selection of sex devices for male bodied persons. Coco de Mer’s aesthetic is Victorian resurgence, with bright red walls accented in floral wallpaper.

Ann Summers: Offering a wide selection of couples toys along with lingerie and cheap thrills, Ann Summers caters to heterosexual couples looking to fill out their bedroom collection. The chain has storefronts all over London (and various other parts of the UK) along with an online shop for more discreet shopping. Each store’s selection varies, but the online store always carries a hefty category of “cheap thrills,” or economy options for couples looking for a fun, affordable time.

Harmony: Harmony opened its doors 15 years ago and currently has two locations: one in Soho and another on Oxford Street. In addition to catering well to his & her customers, the store’s site also offers advice guides for curious couples and singles on a variety of sexy (and sometimes kinky) topics. Their blog publishes great how-to guides on caring for sex toys, as well as product recommendations. 

Honour: This is your one stop shop for kinky and vanilla fun, be you male or female (with exception to their lingerie and fetish wear - that is primarily for female identifying persons). At Honour you can buy a cute cherry patterned bra or a rubber body suit, depending on your mood I suppose. They also carry the regular line of toys for men and women along with very kinky accessories. Notably, Honour hosts a video channel on their blog that offers advice and sexucation for all.

Cherrypye: Founded in 1978, Cherrypye is a veteran in the London sex shop scene. It caters to kinky and vanilla, male and female customers alike. Unlike other big name sex shops, Cherrypye serves foot fetishists and their admirers with a generous footwear line featuring patent leather boots for stylish Dominatrixes, strappy heels that show off toes and arches, as well as rubber and sexy stretch thigh boots.



For the Ladies

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium: Sh! was born in the early 90’s after founder Ky realized that there weren’t enough sex shops in London catering to women. The brand soon after began manufacturing their own line of dildos and sex toys created with women in mind, to meet a market demand that simply wasn’t being met (with quality or care) at the time. The store was also the first to (publicly) offer erotic classes and workshop in London, and still hosts sexucational events today.

Bondinage: Internationally renowned fashion designer Stephen Fuller founded Bondinage in 2003 and has been hand making high end latex wear for women ever since. Bondinage’s mission is to make a wide array of female body types feel sexy in luxuriously soft latex that comes in compelling cuts and styles. All designs are original and tailored to flatter the individuals who wear them.  

For Men Only

Clonezone: With two locations in London (Soho and Earls Court), Clonezone makes men feel at home with an assortment of dildos, anal toys, and mens wear. The shop carries Mr S Leather, as well as old school fixes such as poppers. Whether you’re looking for swimwear to get you noticed or a harness for Fetish Week, Clonezone has got you covered (well, certain parts of you that is). 

Expectations: If fetish wear and gear is your business, then you’ve got business at Expectations. Serving the gay and kink communities for over 30 years in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London, Expectations supplies customers with the latest in kink devices, fresh fetish looks, and the hottest brands in mens toys. 

Prowler: Owned by the mail in catalogue and magazine under the same name, Prowler has graced London’s Soho and Brighton districts since 1974 (they also own Expectations, see above). Prowler remains a beacon of London’s gay men’s community, carrying swimwear, lubes, toys, aromas, condoms, and underwear.

Latex, anyone?

Liberation: Ever wanted to try on a full latex ballroom style dress? Liberation is the storefront of Libidex latex wear for all genders and bodies - from constricting bondage inspired suits to high end get-ups worthy of the most stylish fashionistas, Liberation’s got something for all rubber lovers. Changing rooms are stocked with talcum powder and wipes to help getting into and out of latex an easy and sexy time.

Breathless: This latex boutique has been around a bit longer than Liberation, and offers latex care kits and products in addition to sexy latex looks. All of their products are handmade in London, and are appropriate for industrial and goth parties as well as fetish and kink events. Breathless offers many sizes, colours, and looks for both men and women. 

Zoë Tersche is a New York-based writer focusing on fetish sexuality and the freedom of sexual expression. Follow her on Twitter @ZoeTersche and find out more about her here.



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