Fling.com: A truly free sex dating website?

Logging on to fling.com, you could be forgiven for thinking that the majority of the members are a bunch of raving nymphomaniacs who don’t own any clothes. Before you even start the process of signing up to become a member, the screen is filled with explicit photos of women exposing all the things that you’d normally have to log on to a porn site to view—absolutely nothing is left to the imagination. In the big wide world of online dating, this in itself is a very good indication of what we’re dealing with here—a hookup website aimed at those looking for nothing more than a casual fling with a fuck buddy.


Who’s using Fling.com?

Despite the various images of naked women on the home page, upon signing up to fling.com if you’re female you soon realise that hardly any of the real members actually have any graphic photos like that on their profiles, and it all becomes a bit tamer. The members are normal, everyday people who are trying to find a fuck buddy to have a bit of fun with. The age range of the users is fairly wide, although the majority do seem to be in their twenties. Most of the member profiles are quite upfront with what they are looking for and what is on offer- they don’t waste any time with boring chat about the weather when there are far more exciting subjects to be discussed (sex, sex and more sex).


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What’s right with Fling.com?

Membership is free for the fairer sex, which is fairly common in the world of online dating and hook-up sites. Joining up as a member is simple and fast, and within a few minutes you can peruse and contact the other members to find yourself a new friend (AKA your next fuck buddy). There’s the option of turning ‘safe mode’ on and off, which means you can control whether you see sexually explicit photos that some members have in the ‘nude photos’ folder of their profiles.

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What could Fling.com improve?

Aesthetically speaking, and for the sake of our review of Fling.com, it feels like there’s just too much going on onscreen and the website could be laid out a lot more neatly. Photos are not only dotted about all over the place (accompanied by various tidbits of information), but there are also photos scrolling along the top of the screen, as well as adverts and lots of icons and menu choices to click on. It makes you feel at a loss to know where to start.

Once you have made a start, you may realise that Fling.com is run by the same company as Instabang.com, which previous research has shown is somewhat of a scam. Like Instabang, men can sign up for free but are required to pay for anything that involves contacting other members, from private chat and messages to simply viewing members’ photos. To say it’s ‘free’ for men to join is really a joke- there’s nothing they can do without having to hand over their credit card details. Whilst all those nude profile photos disappear once a woman has joined this dating website, they’re still very much there when a man signs up and it seems that this is all a ploy to encourage male members to part with their cash. As well as this, there are numerous pop-ups claiming that an assortment of women want to share their dirty photos and chat; again all seemingly fake in a bid to persuade men to pay for the website’s services. There are many other online reviews from men claiming they were ‘conned’ into thinking they had lots of messages, and upon making a payment, realised they didn’t have any, or they were from fake profiles. It doesn’t really seem worth the risk of parting with your hard earned cash.

Overall, there’s nothing particularly special or stand-out about this website, but it is a solid service and seems to work well. Whether you’re just looking for a new friend for some dirty chat, or a real life fuck buddy, if you’re thinking about online dating there are much better sites out there. Shop around and find a dating website that appeals to you and won’t expect you to pay just for the pleasure of being able to connect with its other members.


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