Our WTF is That?! series continues with an interview with the fabulous Molly Moore! Infamous sex blogger for Molly's Daily Kiss and one of the organizers for Eroticon; our writer Kayla Lords gets inside Molly's sex positive, kinky brain.

WTF is That?!

Molly Moore of Molly's Daily Kiss

What began in 2009 as a way to bring more discipline to Molly Moore’s writing for her unfinished stories, Molly’s Daily Kiss became a place to embrace and understand her kinky desires, her long distance relationship (she was in the UK, and he was in America), and her photography. These days, it’s also a central hub for bloggers from around the world to share their kinks, desires, words, and images.

Molly Moore is a blogger, a speaker, a photographer, and an enthusiastic supporter of the online sex community. She’s recently added event coordinator to her long list of projects and passions as she, her husband, and Girl on the Net, took over the planning and organization of Eroticon - a convention for sex writers of erotic fiction and nonfiction.

KL: How did you get started as a sex blogger and what is the focus of your blog?

MM: I started my blog nearly seven years ago. Its original purpose was to provide some discipline to my writing. I had a ton of unfinished stories, and I thought that if I had somewhere to publish them, that would spur me on. From the beginning, I found myself mainly writing about me. I was at the start of a new relationship that was long distance and kinky, and I had plenty of things to share.

I started posting pictures after about four months. Initially, they were without my face as I wanted to be anonymous but as the blog became more and more popular the need to be anonymous gradually changed, and my self-portrait photography shows that journey. The focus of my blog is still about me but I also write fiction too and photography has become increasingly important. My self-portraits are an integral part of the blog and my self-expression of my sexuality.




KL: You host and organize several projects and memes for the sex blogging community. Why?

MM: Very early on I started to explore the sex blogging community. I found it to be a wonderfully supportive, creative and interesting group of people but because we write about sex we are often largely overlooked by mainstream media. Some of us have managed to gain significant followings, and I wanted to provide opportunities for other less well known but no less good bloggers to reach into those traffic streams.

KL: Do you have any personal favorites among your projects?

MM: The different projects all speak to my passions, but Sinful Sunday is definitely my favourite. I created that meme to try to encourage other bloggers to experiment with their cameras and create erotic, sensual, sexy images. I wanted to make a place that was welcoming and supportive no matter your age, race, gender, sexuality or body shape. I am hugely proud of what I have achieved with Sinful Sunday and look forward to it every single week.

KL: Are you working towards a specific goal through your blog? How do you think your blog fits into the world of sex blogging?

MM: My blog is a true reflection of me, as I change and evolve and learn it does that alongside me. It is my space to express myself in whatever way I like. I hope that it helps to contribute towards an open and honest conversation about sex, sexuality and especially female sexual desire and kink. There is still way too much shame and judgement attached to this subject and if my blog has in some small way helped to combat that I would be very proud.

KL: Is your entire sexual life fair game through your blog or are there certain things that are too private? Do you and your partner have agreements about what you will and won't blog?

MM: My husband, Michael, often jokes that he is in a poly relationship with me, him, and the camera and that the camera is the Dom. That is not strictly true, but my photography definitely plays a big part in our lives, and luckily he is fully on board with that.

As for subject matters, it is pretty much all fair game. He does read everything before I post it but that is mainly because he is my proof reader. He has never yet asked me not to publish something but if that happened then it would be something that I know we would talk through and decide on a way forward together.

KL: What is the craziest sexual experience you've blogged about?



MM: I think the most personally challenging post I have ever done was the one that included a very graphic image of period blood on my fingers and cunt. I even called the post: Challengingly Sexy. I was very pleased with the image but utterly terrified that people would be shocked and disgusted by it.

It took me quite a while to pluck up the courage to post it, and the feedback I got from it was amazing. Some people did comment that they found it a challenging image to look at but no one was appealed, and since then I have heard from many people, both men and women, about how beautiful they find the image and how it has helped them to accept periods as a normal healthy thing.

KL: You blog about being into BDSM and your D/s relationship. Do you feel your kinky sexuality is linked with your personal happiness and/or your spirituality in a way that it wasn't before you discovered kink?

MM: Oh my absolutely yes. Looking back on my life before kink I now understand why I always had a niggling feeling that something was missing. Finding out about kink and that I was submissive was like someone turning the light on with regards to my sexuality. I understood so much more about myself and about the type of relationship and man that I needed in my life. I am very blessed to have found him by the way. For me, kink and being submissive is as much a part of who I am as being female. It is not just something I do; it is an integral part of who I am

KL: You are incredibly open online, showing your face in images. How did you decide to be so open and has that openness translated in similar ways offline?

MM: When I started the blog I was completely anonymous. I had a job that involved working with children at the time and so being out would have jeopardised that. However, after Michael moved here [to the UK] in 2011, and I was able to make the blog and my writing my full-time focus, the need to remain anonymous gradually became less important. We started attending both kinky events and writing events and meeting people in person, and so hiding my face became less important. I am very lucky that I don't have an employer to worry about and all my family know what I do. I still keep my real birth name private though to allow my children some privacy in their lives as they are growing up, but they are both aware that I am Molly and that I write a sex blog.

KL: Do you have any advice, for kinksters or others, who may consider sharing their sexual experiences through their own blog?

MM: My advice would be if you are even vaguely tempted, do it, but if you are only interested in doing it to make your fortune then you are barking up the wrong tree. You have to want to do it because you love it because the chances of making any significant amounts of money are fairly limited.

If you do start a blog then make sure you set your own boundaries with regards to what you do and do not want to share and how anonymous you want to be. Also, if you are writing about partners make sure that you are doing that ethically. You don't have to ask their permission, but you do owe it to them to always protect their identity.

KL: You're extremely active in the sex blogging community. First, taking over the Top Sex Blogger list for 2015 (and beyond), and now Eroticon. What drives you to be so active when you already do so much through your own blog?

MM: Sometimes I wonder if I have lost my mind when I take on another project but then I get into it, and I know I have done the right thing. I am very lucky that I have managed to make this my full-time focus, but I am aware that spreading myself too thin is something I need to be careful with. However, I love it. I love my blog, I love the community; this is what I do, and that love is what drives me.



KL: Speaking of Eroticon, can you share what the event is and what it means to you personally?

MM: Eroticon is an annual conference for sex writers both of erotic fiction and nonfiction. Myself, my husband Michael Knight and Girl on the Net took over running the event from the founder, Ruby Kiddell this year and we are really excited to be bringing it to London. It is a two-day conference over a weekend that consists of workshops, sessions and keynote talks that cover a huge variety of topics that relate to writing, blogging and other erotic crafts. We have a set of amazing sponsors on board who will also be showing off their products throughout the weekend. The event is not only a learning environment but an opportunity for a community to come together in person, socialise and network.

KL: Should only writers attend the event or can anyone in the sex positive community get something from it. Why or why not?

MM: The event is aimed at erotic writers, sex bloggers and other erotic creatives. In past years it has been very writer-focused, but this year (which is our first year in charge) we are starting to expand the conference into other related areas. I hope that anyone from the sex positive community would find interesting, and relevant content for them but the core of the conference is about sex writing and the related sex/adult industries.


Interested in learning more about Molly? Find her online on Twitter (@MollysDailyKiss), on Facebook, or on her blog. And if you’re a budding sex blogger yourself, check out her weekly memes to find a thriving and positive community and plenty of inspiration.

Kayla Lords is a freelance writer, sex blogger, and a masochistic babygirl living the 24/7 D/s life. Follow her on her website or on Twitter @Kaylalords.



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