Nowadays in this image-obsessed world it’s not enough that you take care of your looks in terms of hair on your head, you are also expected to style the hair you have down there. Grooming can make all the difference to your sex life but how far would you be willing to go to decorate your lady garden? Here a few crazy pubic hair styles that you might want to try. Or not.


1. The Shape Up

Remember that episode in Sex and the City where Samantha’s bush was transformed into a lightning bolt? How about a simple but elegant tear-drop design or ever-inviting heart shape? Shaving is an easy and pain-free method of styling your privates. You can do it all by yourself at home with the help of stencils and handy templates. Your imagination is the only limit, and your partner will in for a surprise…


2. Give it some color

In the olden days, it was said you had to see the lady’s private parts to know her natural hair color. These days even that method is far from fool-proof since companies such as Betty Beauty offer a range of hair dyes specifically meant for the pubic hair. You can try nice natural shades such as auburn, black, blonde and brown, but you can also go crazy with electric blue, hot pink (reportedly favoured by Miley Curys – it’s up to you if you consider that a recommendation worth taking or not) or sexy lilac. Or just go for a rainbow.



3. Vajazzling

Term coined by Jennifer Love Hewitt, vajazzling is a combination of words vagina and bedazzle. If you want to really go bling on your lady bits, shave off all the hair and decorate it with Swarovski crystals (or other crystal ornaments, if you don’t have the budget of a movie star). This will supposedly bedazzle your partner. Which they may or may not be down for.


4. The Full bush Brazilian

Apparently the newest trend for the pubic hair is “full bush Brazilian”. Wait, what? Doesn’t that sound like a square-shaped round table or a similar paradox? Now that the natural look is back on-trend, many ladies might wish to have a full bush as opposed to waxing it all off. However the smooth Brazilian wax still have its benefits, for instance allowing for cunnilingus without a mouth full of hair. The way to have your cake and eat it too is to wax all the hair off just the labia while leaving the top and the front bit untouched – still looking natural and apparently going through a lot less pain while waxing. Win-win.


5. Pink Button genital dye

So you've tried all the crazy pubic hair styles: You've already shaved your bush into a heart-shape, colored it bright red and decorated the surroundings with crystals. Now how is your, erm, pink button looking? If it’s not quite pink enough, you can buy a dedicated “genital cosmetic colourant” to restore the pinkness. Ok, I think that is just on the wrong side of crazy.

So live a little, try out something new. Should your experimenting turn out disastrous and all else fails, you can always get a merkin.



© vladimirfloyd / Dollar Photo Club and Exey Panteleev via Flickr mit CC BY 2.0 Lizenz




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