Hate your job and need a little sexy inspiration to get going in the right direction? We've got a special interview with erotica writer and sex toy designer Tabitha Rayne to get those.. ahem.. juices flowing!

WTF is Tabitha Rayne?!

A Popcorn.dating Exclusive Interview by Kayla Lords

Tabitha Rayne isn’t your typical erotic author. Sure, she wants you to get turned on by her words, but she also wants to touch something a bit more personal - your mind and your heart. Whether she’s writing tentacle porn or using erotica as a backdrop to a story about mental health, Tabitha Rayne’s work isn’t your typical smutty writing.

Winner of the ETO Best Erotica Author of 2016 and a sex toy designer, Tabitha Rayne hits you right in your sexual center - whether that’s your mind or your body. Part of a larger group of writers, the Brit Babes, she’s someone to turn to when you need something to wank to or you prefer your smut a bit more refined and intelligent.

KL: When and how did you decide to get into erotic writing?

TR: About 7 years ago (wow, so long!) I published my first novel under my own name and found the whole thing very intrusive and scary. I knew I longed to write though, so invented a pseudonym. This gave me the freedom to let my creativity flow uncensored and it turned out my fingers were drawn to typing stories in the erotic voice. I submitted a short story and it got accepted for an anthology – I was hooked!

KL: Are there subgenres or topics you prefer to write about in erotica?

TR: My preferred subgenre I guess, is the human condition. I think that to shade your character with an erotic hue gives them depth indeed. You can explore every nuance of a human’s experience if you have their sexuality and sensuality included in their world. It colours every part of my characters’ existence – but isn’t always about sex. Does that make sense? If the characters take me there, I’ll write it.

KL: You are, to me, a literary erotic writer - the sex or erotic moment is crucial to the story, but it's not the main point. Is that by design or just a happy accident? Where does your inspiration come from - specific authors, life in general, something else?

TR: I think I would agree with the fact that the sex is crucial but not the main point – lovely observation, thank you. Certainly, in a lot of my stories, the characters are striving for something or searching for something. It’s all about that moment of connection, whether that’s alone or with another. A moment of clarity or understanding – that’s usually the climactic moment of a story for me. That, and the orgasm of course. It depends, sometimes I am simply writing a fuck story, sometimes there’s more to it.

KL: Does any of your erotic writing come from real life or is it purely from your imagination?

TR: For me, imagination is the most arousing part of my sexuality. Even when I am making love my mind can be tripping out into the unknown, diving into crazy situations and fractaling off into all sorts of things. Some of my work is autobiographical – in fact in some ways, everything one creates is autobiographical, as to think it or imagine it is to live it in some small way. However, I would never kiss and tell! ;) There are one or two certain positions that I do not write about as they are sacred and private to me and my lover. Anything else though, absolutely!

KL: What do you want readers to come away with after reading your work?

TR: I want them to feel fulfilled, aroused, maybe a little dirty, but mostly free to take what they need and make it their own.



KL: Do you have any new releases coming up?

TR: My latest novella is Her Stern Gentleman set in the 1950s about a woman who can’t help her cool demeanor and hot temper but discovers that a firm hand brings her solace. I really loved writing her – she’s a complex soul. Also, I am terribly concerned about climate change – my Clockwork Butterfly trilogy is basically my comment about that :D (with lots of shagging to ease the pain…)

My newest release is with the delightful Brit Babes called Sexy Just Got Kinky.

But, one of my very favorite books to be part of is Chemical [se]X edited by Oleander Plume. Honestly, I go back to that book again and again. It’s so sexy. The whole book is dedicated to a type of chocolate that is so strong an aphrodisiac that you are taken to sexual nirvana and lose all your inhibitions. It’s splendid! Oh, now you’ve got me remembering all my other favorite anthologies to be part of – I love getting all hot and dirty between the pages with other authors that I adore.



KL: Who are the Brit Babes and how did that come about?

TR: Ooo the Brit Babes! We are Kay Jaybee, KD Grace, Marissa Farrar, Victoria Blisse, Lucy Felthouse, Lily Harlem, Lexy Bay and me. We had been chatting online for ages and were almost beside ourselves when we all finally met at Eroticon in 2012, I think it was.

We decided to make a group up where we would celebrate the world of erotic writing and set up a blog to showcase our own, and other fantastic authors from around the world. We love meeting new writers and giving them a spotlight on our blog. Writing can be a very lonely business at times so to have a group of gals you can bounce ideas off and ask advice is priceless.

We also have a street team who read and review our books. It’s been so lovely to connect with readers in that way – they are all such a lovely bunch of people. Well, when you have books in common, how could you not get along? Especially sexy books ;)



KL: You're not just a writer, but an award winning one including the 2016 ETO Best Erotic Writer. How does it feel to win and does it spur you on to do more or different things?

TR: Do you know, I simply can’t believe that. I was not expecting it at all. It felt amazing but the other nominees included three Brit Babes so you can imagine it was a shock for me. The best thing was all going up together to collect the award. I now feel that I must write the best stories that I can – to make sure I’m deserving of such an award.

KL: You're not just a writer but a sex toy designer. Tell us about the Ruby Glow - the inspiration for it. How it came to be and working with Rocks Off to make it a reality.

TR: Well, here’s how your friends can help you achieve anything you put your mind to. I’d been creating my novels in my writing shed in the garden with no access to any ‘marital aids’ shall we say ;) When writing sexy scenes, I would get very turned on and imagined that if I just had a toy to rock against and relieve my sexual tension, I could keep writing the story right up to the orgasm and beyond. It’s a fabulous perk of the job, wouldn’t you say, Kayla! [She’s right, I have my own Ruby Glow, and looooove it.]

I turned to the net to buy such a toy and couldn’t find the thing I wanted. So I decided to make one from clay and refined the shape until it felt right. I showed my friend who encouraged me to research it and build prototypes. Here’s where the Brit Babes were so fantastic. When I asked for their help in testing my designs, they all offered their suggestions and their enthusiasm spurred me on. Can you imagine asking someone:

‘Can you sit on this for me and wiggle about to see if you come, please?’

Because I had spent almost a year developing and testing the prototype I felt quite confident approaching Rocks Off. Of course, I was nervous, but when they told me they liked it and would take a chance on making it, I was delighted. I can’t believe how much positivity it has had from reviewers, the media, and women from all walks of life. I think Rocks Off made it a really beautiful thing.

I designed the Ruby Glow as a hands-free saddle-style vibrator which is non-penetrative and can be used through clothing. I felt the market was lacking a toy which could reach all the parts but didn’t ‘go inside’. It is also being used by people of low mobility or those with wrist pain. Indeed I have bouts of arthritis where lifting a cup of coffee is even impossible. My Ruby Glow means I can still have lovely orgasms without hurting my hands.  

It even won a Sign magazine award for Most Innovative New Toy 2016. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is when someone tells me it works for them. One lady said it cut her O time by a third! And another said it was the closest she’d come to an orgasm in 25 years. I feel privileged indeed when women open up and tell me their story. Masturbation is still such a taboo for us. I hope we can change that – certainly I applaud you, Kayla, for all your dedication to bringing us the joys of masturbation. One of my all time favorite Brit Babe guest post was yours.

Want to know more about Tabitha Rayne or connect with her?

Tabitha’s website

Kayla Lords is a freelance writer, sex blogger, and a masochistic babygirl living the 24/7 D/s life. Follow her on her website or on Twitter @Kaylalords.



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