When you’re fucking someone new, there are a lot of new things you want to try. You may have learnt a few things from an ex of yours, they may have been a squirter and now you’re trying to spread that joy… Well, it may not always be that easy. Here are 8 reasons why she isn’t squirting.


1. She’s not comfortable enough with you yet

Some women get very embarrassed when it comes to leaving any type of mess during sex. Whether they tend to ejaculate a lot, sweat quite a bit or squirt all over the place. Some have no idea what squirting even is, but if they’re holding back a little from you, that won’t help when it comes to you wanting them to shower you in their juices. Make sure she’s relaxed and once she gets familiar with you, things will be a lot easier.


2. You’re trying too hard

You might have made women squirt before, but we don’t all work exactly the same. What works for one may turn another off, so be sure to switch things up a bit. If you’re going at it for ages in the exact same way, she’ll appreciate the effort but you’ll both be sat waiting for the mysterious squirt you’re adamant you’re going to get.


3. You’re not trying different things

The female orgasm is a mysterious thing. Some women squirt before and during an orgasm, but if you’re not even getting her wet you’ll be waiting a long time before she comes close to squirting. Get your tongue down there, work her up and she’ll soon be begging you for more. Don’t be waiting on ceremony for her to squirt, but let her know you’re working your magic down there to lead her that way.

6 reasons why she isn´t squirting


4. You’re expecting it too quickly

A quick in and out isn’t going to do anyone any good. Women can be complex and you need to “pre heat the oven” first. Get her super wet and then go in for the kill full force. As long as she’s relaxed, you’ll be fine. But don’t go overboard, refer to point 2 for that one.


5. She’s not really into it

You might be awaiting the almighty squirt, but that doesn’t mean she’s keen on doing it. Refer to point 1, she may not even feel comfortable enough to do it in the first place. Or she simply can’t imagine herself doing it, therefore can’t fantasise about it either. You might be fucking her brains out, but in her head she could be worrying she isn’t living up to these expectations.


6. There isn’t enough stimulation

Take your time! If you’re skipping foreplay and heading straight down there, she isn’t even going to be turned on enough to contemplate squirting. Spend some time, but not too long (point 2) exploring her clit and see where it leads you.

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