As longtime readers will know, we've got occasional polls on the website that are periodically analyzed by our resident team of social scientists. The results are in from our first two Fuck polls, and after consulting with our team of experts, we're excited to share them with you. What are you, our readers, looking for here on What matters to you?


What's important to you right now?


Sex: 73.2%


Love: 11.3%


Yourself: 6.4%


Friendship: 5.6%


Intimacy: 3.5%


In our first poll, we asked what matters to you, and lo and behold, are interested in sex! Who says you can't learn anything from statistics?


Love comes a distant second, of course, but that's still a pretty strong showing for a site so concerned with hookups. And while some people might describe the search for consequence-free sexual gratification as selfish, it's interesting to see that over 6% of respondents were primarily interested in themselves—but not in a sexual sense. Maybe they're just really focused on their careers? If so, let's hope they're not filling in these polls at work.


Now, with that in mind, let's take a look at the results of our second poll.


My ideal relationship is:


Monogamous: 37.8%


Single: 30.8%


Open: 18.8%


Polyamorous: 12.5%


We thought we'd be clever and compare the results of our survey with national numbers—but it's actually surprisingly difficult to find good data on relationship preferences outside the assumption of monogamy. Which makes it a little less surprising that the leading category in our survey represents readers who are looking for just one partner.


Of course, while over a third of you are looking for monogamous relationships, only a hair over 11% are looking for love. We're not trying to tell you your business, but that seems like something you might want to think about.


Unlike our first survey, this one's a lot closer—a lot of Fuck's readers are content to stay single, or at least to be single while “fucking around.” Is that a statement of principle or statement of fact? You decide.


Our next two results cover the “best of both worlds” options. No one can quite agree on the precise definition of a poly relationship, but let's say for the sake of argument that “polyamorous” relationships involve committed, meaningful relationships with multiple partners while open relationships are primary relationships that don't mind a little screwing around. Now that we've offended both groups (sorry, everyone—the terminology really is a bit of a mess), let's look at the breakdown. Both groups together make up just over 31% of the total.


If we squint a bit, this looks rather like a three-way divide: slightly more than a third of our readers would like a monogamous relationship, while a little under a third want less-conventional relationships of one kind of another and about the same number are happy to remain single and commitment-free (or, since this covers your ideal relationships, would like to be single and commitment-free even though they're in relationships. Yikes!).


What's interesting about this poll is that there's none of the imbalance we see in our first one. Assuming our pools of respondents aren't too different (it's hard to tell!) we can see that one thing unites our diverse readers, no matter their relationship preferences: the desire to get laid frequently and well. Isn't it nice to find something that transcends our differences?




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