Whether it’s at work or at home, the Christmas party is a great place to hook up and get it on with a new guy or girl. Here’s a few of our favorite ways to make it happen with that special someone.


Catch their eye:

If you’ve got someone in mind but you’ve never met them before then it’s a wise idea to find out exactly what their relationship status is. You don’t want to spend the whole night planning your hookup to find out their married with three kids. Ask a trusted host to make sure they’re single.


Get tipsy:

Get tipsy, though definitely don’t overdo it. There’s a real art to monitoring your own level of drunkenness and adjusting accordingly. Perhaps that’s because the more drunk we get the easier and more fun it is to drink more? You definitely have to of gone over the edge before to realize the sweet spot but hopefully not tonight. Anyway, staying just the right amount of drunk is essential for hooking up, you don’t want to be the girl who’s puking in the toilet, but at the same time you’ll need some Dutch courage to go after your target.


Offer food and mingle first:

how to get laid at that christmas party

Don’t go for the hookup straightaway, obviously. You want to mingle for the first half of the night. Always be having more fun than the rest of the room to draw the attention on to you. When it’s time to mingle with the guy or girl you’re going for tonight they’ll be happy to talk to you.

Offering food around it a great excuse to introduce yourself to the person you have in mind. Timing is critical though because you don’t want to be interrupting and important conversation and then hanging around for your turn to talk.


Ascertain logistics:

Find out your targets plans for the night by asking questions, but keep it subtle. This is somebody you're interested in hanging out with, so don't be a creep! If you find out they’re leaving in 5 minutes time you know you have the choice to either be very direct or choose someone else. If you find out they’re sleeping in their van that’s parked out in the drive then you know naughty things are going to be happening tonight.


Invite them for some private time:

You won’t be hooking up unless you find somewhere private to do it. If you want to think ahead and find a location that works then this is always going to help you later on in the night. Always have an excuse to go to your isolation location. ‘Come look at this amazing view,’ or ‘come and check out these photos’ are two lines you could use to get your partner in isolation. Alternatively you could drop the pretense and just say ‘Fancy a kiss round the back?’ which often works well.


Locate the mistletoe:

The last thing you want to do is go for the kiss under the mistletoe. Yes you might get a little kiss but that’s not going to be leading anywhere because there will probably be lots of people watching and it’s cheesy. A much better plan is to get hold of some mistletoe and wait until the two of you are together. When the moment’s right, reveal the mistletoes and go for the kiss.

Christmas party hookups are great when everybody is merry, anyone who’s single is up for it, and people are relaxed. Grab the opportunity to find a great fuck buddy.

Images by Rolands Lakis and Valentin Ottone via flickr.com with a CC BY 2.0 Licence




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