Anal Toys

Anal Toys

Pretty obvious really- SEX toys that go in your butt. Your behind, specifically your asshole is brimming with nerve endings which connect to other delightful places in your body. And hello, they’re not just for gay guys. EVERYONE can enjoy anal toys, as a couple or alone for masturbating. So relax and open up.

In men, a lot of these nerves go to muscles in their pelvic floor or urethra, making orgasm possible with a little help from your (lubricant based) friends. For women, of course, it’s the alphabet soup of spots. This one is the A-spot- short for anterior fornix which is located on the ventral groove of the cervix. The A-spot just happens to be easier to reach with a bit of back door action.

Examples of anal toys are butt plugs, dildos and anal beads. Each one is designed with special intentions and can also be warm ups for anal sex. Important tip for anal sex: keep that shit clean. That means: toys are clean (if used with multiple partners use condoms), assholes are clean (learn about enemas) and fingers are clean, nails are cut SHORT.

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