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  • Ass play: Does it make you gay?

    Exploring the ass and ass play The ass and therefore ass play is truly a wonderful thing. The buttocks are a maze of sensitive nerve endings, and just inside the tender anal cavity of men ...
  • Strap-on sex: Get into pegging

    To some women, bending a man over and fucking him with a dildo may seem pretty extreme, but huge numbers of men and women are becoming curious about the idea of pegging. Essentially it involves a wom ...
  • Dear Abi, What's the deal with fisting? Is it a real thing that real people actually do, or is it just something that happens in porn films? How would it even work? Yours wincingly, Fisting Virgin ...
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    Similar terms: Anal Games, Fisting, Prostate Massage, Ass Stretching, Anal Training, Rimming, Ass Licking, Anal Fingering, Butt Play, Enema, Enemas, Douche, Felching, Anal Acrobats, Anal Insertions,