Striptease vs Burlesque: what's the difference? How's that for a tantalizing topic to discuss! Well, if you haven't seen a Burlesque show - a real one, with singing and dancing, with costumes and flamboyant characters, you haven't lived. And you certainly won't appreciate the stylistic differences.

Hollywood seems to have conflated the two, but there are some keys distinctions. Both are tributes to the gorgeousness of the human body, and both are dominated by female performers. Stripping, depending on the joint you're in and its location, often involves more nudity, usually a license is required to display nudity in public. There could be many performers or just one. They might take requests, but usually the music is popular contemporary hits. Some performers are very athletic, some interact with the audience more than others. And they all enjoy a bit of cash stashed in their G-strings. (Although nowadays it's more acceptable to put a ten dollar bill instead of endless one dollar bills.)

Burlesque is an American performance tradition hailing from the 30s and 40s. It's bawdy and highly suggestive - making it a lot heavier on the "tease" aspect than strip tease shows are. Often, performances take place in regular event venues. Performers have to follow the "A,B,C rule": no assholes, no nipples, no cunts. Usually a bit tongue-in-cheek, using sparkly adhesives under their complex outfits to avoid an early peeks before the Big Reveal. Burlesque performers usually make or assemble their own costumes, create their own acts. Many times they will write their own songs and choreography. Most choose to adopt a certain character while performing.

It is important to know, as an audience member, that Burlesque performers often spend more money than they make on a show. Performers spend many hours of preparation for a few minutes of teasing and tantalizing. Burlesque performers don't take requests, tips, or tolerate audience interference. While stripping is more about the nudity and the athleticism, burlesque is more about theatrics.

Although the majority of strip tease and burlesque performers are women, it's good to keep in mind that all performers in this industry has their own private lives. And in those lives there are all the normal complex emotional issues. They deserve your respect and cooperation in order to make the show fun and safe for everyone involved. Interaction, when asked for, is a great way to get and shake your tail feathers. Don't forget: strip tease and burlesque is not just a male spectator event. Female performers are often thrilled to be performing in front of groups of women who come to celebrate the art of 'the tease'.

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