Since its invention in the 1530s, the corset has been allowing us to choose beauty over comfort in a fairly extreme way. The first was made of whalebone, then advances in technology replaced bone with steels strips, spirals and rods. In 1562, Eleonora de Toledo was buried with her corset, which offered us an early specimen.

In 1830, metal eyelets were invented, which made the construction and use of corsets much simpler. Around that time, the garment was not worn only by women, but was also in fashion for men, who were known as "dandies".

In 1913, corsets started getting a bad reputation. Women's activists decried their health effects. The medical evidence on this point is ambiguous, but when the war years came around 1920, such luxurious garments were thrown aside in favor of practical and usable attire.

Coco Chanel and other designers have often worked corsets into their fashion lines, but they are more often seen in kink wear and costumes. They are a central figure of the Gothic scene. They frequently visit the dungeons of the BDSM world as well. And surprisingly, they are sometimes recommended for doctors as treatment for certain back problems.

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