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  • Top 5 Awesome Erotic Fiction Books

    Erotic fiction has been around for centuries. Since at least the days of Ancient Greece and Rome, the written word has been used to set pulses racing. And although the genre itself might be old, it’s ...
  • Geeks, Fire and Erotica: WTF is Anna Sky?

    Anna Sky is chief editor and social media manager for Sexy Little Pages and Resonance Press as well as being an occasional author! In her capacity as erotica writer, she’s been published by multiple p ...
  • Having sex with a sex doll

    Advertising - It perhaps won’t surprise you to hear that one of the most common questions that we’re asked is what having sex with a sex doll is really like. Sure, you may have read that you’re guaran ...
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    Similar terms: BDSM Stories, BDSM stories, S&M Stories, Bondage Stories, Erotic Fiction, Erotic Stories, Literoctica, Erotic Literature, Erotica