Photo Swapping

Photo Swapping

When you're chatting, whether with a familiar partner or with a new online acquaintance, exchanging pics inevitably comes up. There are a lot of variables here: privacy, seduction, how one portrays oneself, and what one expects in return.

As a general rule, an unsolicited dick pic has almost zero chance of producing any result.

On the other hand pictures that help you get to know your partner, to tease, tantalize and build suspense or help relieve encounters, are all powerful tools in the seduction game. Some sites allow you to show a photo while keeping it saved privately, but screenshots are possible on any device. It's best to be creative yet careful with your photos, knowing that once they're out there, they're out there forever. Be coy and clever, and delete photos from people you don't communicate with anymore. It's the right and sexy thing to do!

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