Erotic Photography  

Erotic Photography  

Often confused with porn, erotic photography is a bit more artful. In general it’s done in a studio with a professional photographer. A lot of thought and preparation goes into these photo shoots. Though they are sexual in nature, they are not intended to arouse the viewer in the way that porn would.

With the rise of the digital age and the (nude) selfie phenomenon, erotic photography is in danger of being lumped in with the wrong category. This is something you could hang in your office.They are generally black and white photography with creative lighting and classy nudes- in slightly suggestive positions. Erotic photography celebrates the beauty of the body and its sexual capacity.

An important tip for making your own erotic photography: consent. Consider that maybe it was okay at the time, perhaps even to share these photos online, but that can change. These wishes should be respected if it they come from your ex.

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