Love Affairs

Love Affairs

Lippen2 Relationships and affairs, is it possible to have both? It is. But it can also be a heavy burden on the relationship if things blow up.

The attraction to affairs is usually the new and unknown. Suddenly the erotic spark that has been missing is back. Everything becomes new and exciting. An affair can lead to new sexual adventures, creating a gateway to release tension from work, money and other commitments. Passion clears the mind and for a few hours everything can be forgotten.

When the partner eventually finds out about the affair, there is risk they will feel disappointed and hurt. It may even end the relationship. Affairs can also be complicated if the balance changes from purely a sexual affair when one person decides they want more from the relationship.

Discretion is Important
Reliability and discretion are important in an affair and are required in order for the affair to work and be as carefree as possible.

Single or Affair, which is better?
More and more women and men don’t want to form a close bond. Maybe because they already have a relationship and don’t like the obligations it brings. By being single or having an affair, one can enjoy new freedom to choose only to have a sexual affair. Filled with wild and unrestrained sex!

Another way affairs work well is when there is little or no emotional investment. With deep passion comes deep emotions, which can quickly get complicated. Make sure to check your emotions!

Affairs Need Fairness No one should walk away from an affair with a broken heart. It’s important to talk to everyone involved and make sure there is honest and clear communication before, during and after an affair.


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