Looking for something fun and sexy to do this week? Maybe you want to learn a new trick? Or meet some fresh faces? Your search has finally fucking ended. Popcorn.dating has done the work for you and gathered the top ten sex positive events in London. Be there or be square.

With the fall season starting, there are a variety of sexy events happening all over London this week. From plays to speed dating to hardcore parties, there is something for everyone!




Fuck.com’s Top Ten Things to Fucking Do This Week #36:

10. The Flying Dutchman: Toppers Club
Toppers Club is held the second Friday of each month and is known as the friendliest BDSM fetish club in London.  Each of their House Dominants and House Submissives are very approachable so you can explain to them what you are looking for. There are also many Guest Dommes/Doms that like to join in the fun. September 9, 9pm – 6am

9. Under 35’s Midweek Kinky Drinks/Munch
The under 35's midweek kinky drinkies are a social get together for the young perves of London, successfully meeting monthly since October 2009.  Meeting at the Waxy O'Connor Pub with the turn up usually between 80-120 people, this is a busy and fun event to attend. September 7 at 7pm


Fancy hanging around in your underwear after work? Now you don't have to go home alone!

8. The Hoist: NBN
New party theme at The Hoist: NBN. Relax, chill and score after work. Dress: After work or underwear. Extended bar menu includes wine. September 7, 5pm to 1am

7. Young Producers: Skin Deep
Contemporary poet Liv Wynter and Everyday Sexism Founder Laura Bates will be questioning to what extend we have allowed society to mould us. Why is body image such a big deal and have we let it get beneath our skin? September 11, 1pm to 2pm


Check out the alternative side of London with  femme speed dating and kinky salons...

6. Fancy a Femme Lesbian in London
Fancy the chance of meeting lots of femme women all in one night? Then come along to this special event at SHE Soho.  It is the perfect opportunity to meet confident, gorgeous, like-minded and single femme lesbian and bisexual women. This speed dating event is different to all others. On top of our famous speed dating, there are games, tips and more! September 11, 5:30pm – 8pm

5. Club RUB: Saints & Sinners
Club RUB is London's premier fetish party. This kinky salon caters for a colourful crowd of fetishists, TV, trannies, drag queens, sexual deviants, perverts, hedonists on a monthly basis for the last 18 years. This is a fetish event! You may wear any fetish attire. September 10, 5:30pm to 11pm

4. Party, a Comedy by David Dillon
David Dillon’s classic hit West End and Broadway Comedy. 7 gay friends play a game called Fact or Fantasy. It’s a bit like Truth Or Dare. But even more… revealing.
Starting September 7, showing most nights of the week


Iron bridges, glam and the nineteen-twenties: where else can you meet other Bright Young Things?

3. Bright Young Things Ball: Roaring Twenties
Glamorous? Rebellious? Promiscuous? In need of a great PARTY? The Roaring Twenties are back with “The Bright Young Things Ball” on Gravesend’s old Town Pier, which just happens to be the oldest cast-iron pier in the world. Join them for a night of glamour on the world’s most famous river. They promise a glamorous night of swing-jazz with a great swing band performing live throughout the night. Strictly 1920s attire. September 10, 7pm – 1am

2. Between the Sheets: An Intimate Cabaret
Miss Polly Rae presents a contemporary burlesque cabaret that is a poptastic, visually stunning, risqué romp celebrating all things sensual, sexy and saucy. It bursts with a dynamite mix of song, dance, comedy, circus, and glorious innuendo designed to titillate, tickle and tease. September 8 at 9:30pm


And coming in at this week’s top thing to do and the perfect thing to get you ready for the Halloween season!

1. Club Antichrist: Vampire Masked Ball
Club AntiChrist runs 6 times a year and is Europe's largest crossover clubbing event. Blending multiple music genres Industrial, Goth, post punk and metal across multiple dance-floors, with a fully equipped dungeon, live bands and theatre. This event takes place at Electrowerkz. September 9, 10pm-7:30am


Want more things to fucking do? Stay tuned for next week's edition of Popcorn.dating's Top Ten Things to Fucking Do for more (sex positive) events!

Rebecca Dane is one half of A Couple of Kinks - a sex-positive site that focuses on sex toy reviews, ‘how to’ guides and stories of their sex adventures. They are hoping to help impact the sex toy industry by focusing on safe, ethical and LGBT+ inclusive companies as well as help normalize sex and kink.



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