So you’ve secured that date and you want to impress, but how do you stand out in a sea of 'dinner and movie' dates? brings you the first in a three-part series of unique date spots in London. From cheap and cheerful to lavish and luxurious, impress your date and create that connection you’ve been searching for.



10. Crystal Palace Park

This large South London park is a whimsical and magical place.  The grounds contain one of the largest mazes in the country, and the park is overrun with beautiful dinosaur sculptures. In fact, this park is a paleontological gem. With 33 dinosaur sculptures representing the 33 discovered dinosaurs and animals within the park – perfect for the animal buff!


9. Primrose Hill

Pack a picnic and your favourite blanket for a hike up Primrose Hill. The draw is the beautiful skyline, taken in from north of the city, but it’s also a fun place for celeb spotting like Harry Styles & Gwen Stefani.


8. King’s Cross & St. Pancras Station

Sounds boring? Not for fans of Harry Potter or Spice Girls! Visit Platform 9¾ to recreate the infamous Philosopher’s Stone scene (but watch your head). Or follow in the footsteps of the girls at St. Pancras, where the filming of the infamous 'Wannabe' video took place, and Spice mania was born.


7. Southbank

An afternoon stroll along the Thames after browsing thrift shops for used books can be the perfect pressure-free start or end to a casual date. Grab a bite at one of the locals restaurants, or loosen up with a pint in a local pub or the National Theatre.


6. Gordon’s Wine Bar

A perfect spot for that first date. This cosy, central location is ideal for sharing an intimate glass of wine and some sexy secrets. An excellent wine & cheese pairing is a delicious way to get to know your partner.




5. Pedal Boats In Hyde Park

Get a little activity and some fresh air for an hour-long rental of a good old fashion pedalo. Spend an afternoon splashing around the city lake at Hyde Park and get to know each other a little (without going overboard!)


4. Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Give an air of mystery and intrigue to your date with a stop at this elusive bar, featuring signature cocktails and classics alike. This underground Chelsea secret masquerading as a detective’s agency is dark and quirky, and a fantastic fun way to spice up a simple drink date.


3. The Geffrye Museum

This time-worn treasure is the best hidden gem in London.  This beautiful museum of the home features tributes to historical eras. Finish off the day with a stroll through the beautiful walled gardens and a delicious, fresh-brewed cup of coffee at their blissful coffee shop.


2. London Trocadero

It may not be glamorous, but damn it's fun! A sackful of arcade tokens, endless games, and all the sweets and sugar the human body can handle! Make sure you win your boo a comically sized teddy bear to seal the deal. Once you bond by reverting to childhood fun for an evening, you can finish off with something a bit more adult later on.


And the Number One place to go this week is...


1. The Shard

If you’re looking for something more high end, with more of a “wow” factor, then The Shard is a perfect date destination. Take in a stunning view of the sunset over London from the 72nd floor with your honey and start the evening off on a romantic note. 


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Charlotte is the writer behind the sex-positive blog, My Tickle Trunk. She is a sex blogger and passionate advocate for body-safe sex aids, sexual exploration, and body positivity! Twitter: @MyTickleTrunk



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