Let’s face it, we can talk about sex just about anywhere. Whether you’re looking for porn or education, it’s out there - just a few keystrokes away. If you’re on Twitter - or you’ve wondered if Twitter can be used for the sexy stuff - I’ve got a list for you. This isn’t a comprehensive list but if you’re ready to start your 140-character journey to talk about sex, these people and organizations are a great place to start.




Talk About Sex on Twitter 



Want to learn more about sex? Want to talk about sex? Each week, @SexTalkTuesday hosts a weekly chat, #SexTalkTuesday to discuss different sexy topics. With a new moderator each week, the topics range from masturbation to kink to polyamory. You don’t have to have an opinion on the topic to join in, and you’ll definitely learn a lot in the process. If you can’t make it to the Twitter chat, @SexTalkTuesday blogs about it later so you still get access to the conversation.




Another sex expert, @BellaLaVey also shares advice and inspiration. Don’t be surprised if you come across sexy and beautiful images in her Twitter feed, too. She’s a good mix of sexy knowledge and motivation to do the things that inspire you.




You know that sex education you didn’t get in school? We know - it didn’t do us any favors either. Thankfully, there’s @Scarleteen - a sex education site geared towards educating teens and young adults. Since most of us are lacking in good sexual health knowledge, don’t let your age stop you from checking this one out and learning as much as you can about staying healthy and having a healthy sexual experience.




In a perfect world, @RAINN01 wouldn’t be needed, but we don’t live in that world. Sexual assault survivors, those who want to know more, and anyone interested in helping people find a safe place need to follow @RAINN01. They don’t just focus on the feminine experience, either. For @RAINN01, a male’s experience with sexual assault is just as serious as a female’s.




You’d expect a kinky girl like me to follow other kinky people - and you’d be right. Don’t let the name @MistressMatisse fool you. She’s not just a professional Dominatrix and kinkster. She’s also a passionate fighter for sex worker rights and political activist. Follow her and you get a dose of kink with a big helping of her outspoken thoughts on what it means to be a sex worker and equal rights for all.




Sure, @SunnyMegatron is a BDSM educator, but she’s also a sex and relationship educator, a sex blogger, and someone who wants people to find their own sexual pleasure - whatever that may look like. Check out her sex toy reviews, her thoughts on sexuality, and her views on kink and alternative lifestyles.




I’ve been a big fan of @Stoya since I discovered Tumblr porn a few years ago. A video of her being fucked while bent over a dresser still makes me smile and soak my panties. (Yeah right, I don’t wear panties!) @Stoya is much more than a porn star, though. She’s a writer, a business woman, and a fearless woman - who else could accuse her ex-boyfriend of rape on Twitter?
#IStandWithStoya and love her NSFW Twitter feed.


Know more people who talk about sex on Twitter that didn't make it onto this list? Let us know about them!

Kayla Lords is a freelance writer, sex blogger, and a masochistic babygirl living the 24/7 D/s life. Follow her on her website or on Twitter @Kaylalords.



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