This month we're taking a closer look at nipples, because why not?'s writer Abi Brown couldn’t let the topic pass by without a quick investigation of some of the best, most entertaining and most unlikely products on the market that focus on stimulating the nipples.


Clips & Clamps

The first kind of nipple play most people encounter is a clip or a clamp - and in truth, the overwhelming majority of aficionados use ordinary clothes pegs quite a lot of the time. If you’d like to try something a little more specialised, however (and also gentler - clothes pegs feel great if you like that kind of thing, but they’re mostly good for masochists) you have three main options.

Nipple clips: Most nipple play beginners start out with something like this set from the Fifty Shades line via Nice ‘n’ Naughty for £12.99. They’re adjustable and relatively mild and will help you figure out whether or not you enjoy the feeling of them.

Clover clamps: Serious nipple play enthusiasts find that adjustable clover clamps are the best choice for this sort of stimulation. There are a few variations, but the most common are ones like these from UberKinky, £19.99.

Vibrating nipple toys: Fancy something with a little more of a buzz to it? Nipple vibrators are another exciting feeling, and they come in clip, peg or clamp form. Try out something like this basic set from LoveHoney (though also via the Fifty Shades line) for £18.99. For something drawing from such dubious inspiration, the Fifty Shades sex toys are in general rather good!

A quick note for beginners: after a moment’s adjusting, nipple clips like this are surprisingly comfortable for many people. The sensation is most intense when they’re taken off, however, and the longer they’re on for, the more you’ll feel it--so start with brief periods and work up as you feel comfortable experimenting.

couple date.jpg

Gels & Creams

Chemistry is great, isn’t it? Pretty much anything else on this list can be enhanced with the use of a gel or cream if you’re intrigued by such an idea. Having your partner apply the stuff can be fun, too!

Sensation-enhancing: I don’t usually go in for gimmicks like this, but something about the Bijoux Indiscrets line genuinely appeals to me. SheVibe carries their Nip Gloss line, including this cooling & warming set for £16.99 as well as several flavoured varieties.

Numbing: If you’d like to experiment with something a little more heavy-duty, you may find that a numbing cream is an interesting way to open up some new options. Be very careful and cautious with this approach, but if you’re interested, an anal numbing cream is likely to be your best bet. Many people in the know recommend Pjur Back Door as their top choice, and you can buy it from UberKinky for £14.99.

If you’re going to play with these formulas, have a little caution. Do a patch test first, particularly if you have sensitive skin, and don’t use a numbing cream to ignore a pain to which you should be paying attention.


Suckers & Pumps

For a fascinating new sensation, you can’t beat nipple suckers. If they work well for you, it’s an exciting feeling, and some find they want to return to it again and again!

A beginner’s choice: Standard nipple suckers look like this (£9.99 from LoveHoney, again from the Fifty Shades range) or this ($25 from Good Vibrations). It’s quite a mild sensation, but many find it an intensely pleasurable one.

Something a little more unusual: If they feel great to you, why not take things a step further? Fancier suckers come with vacuum twist action, like this set from Good Vibrations for $16. They’ll feel more intense, which might be just what you’re looking for.

Toys like these are an excellent choice for combining with sensation-enhancing creams and gels; the two work well together.

Nipple play.jpg

A Few Extra Options

Fancy trying something a little different? Here are a few nipple play options that are off the beaten track.

Magnetised orbs: These increasingly popular little balls (£5.97 from eXtreme Restraints) are powerful magnets that create an unusual sensation when applied to either side of the nipple.

Vibrating pads: They’re not the only interesting choice that shop has to offer: these vibrating nipple pads for £6.93 are a fun alternative to traditional pasties.

Whatever you decide to try out, remember: make sure you’re always having good, safe fun.


Do you have other ideas about what to do with nipples? Let us know in the comments below!




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