Assuming you haven't been off the internet for the last four years, you too are probably sick of hearing about 50 Shades of Grey. Sure, it started an important and interesting conversation in the kink community, but really, there's so many better erotic books and movies out there. That's why we found this video so hilarious: 5 reasons pornstars hate 50 Shades of Grey


1. It's cliche

Male dominant, female submissive. Does that sound like anything new? Check out their comprehensive list of more empowering porn categories to check out.


2. It's expensive

$15 is much more than you need to spend to see the same kind of sexy play.


3. It's an insult to pornography

The writing is bad. Really: E.L. James compares orgasms to the spin cycle on a washing machine. That's hot...


4. You know it can't be that sexy

It's not going to be sexy -- do you think they can show you something sexy in theatres? Where's the dick?

It's in theaters after all, next to, well, everything else. Where's the dick? There won't be any. And besides, as the three women in the video point out: Why be embarrassed to watch porn if you're not embarrassed to wait in line to see 50 Shades of Grey?


And number 5, well, we'll leave that to the video:



5 Reasons Pornstars Hate 50 Shades Of Grey from Funny Or Die



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Why is the male being dominant a bad thing? Men are the pillars of our society, they're the hardest workers, the greatest leaders and have forged the majority of the western civilization FOR women. Show a little damn respect for your forefathers, we wouldn't be here without them, nor would we be here if they were the opposite gender.

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What is the name of the blonde pornstar in that video!?

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