PVC Fetish

PVC Fetish

Does the fact when it rains everyone gets out their wellies and raincoats get you all excited? Aside from keeping you dry when you’re jumping in puddles PVC has a fetish following as well. Much like rubber and latex.

The differences being how the material looks and feels. PVC is a bit stiffer than latex, but it’s also shiny. Whereas rubber is usually matte and not as breathable. Enter PVC the happy middle ground.

A lot of your favorite superheros and supervillains are wearing this sexy, sleek material. And if you’re a bit more kinky, probably your Dom/Domme is wearing it too. Not only does the wearer look super slick, but they feel it too. When you run your hands over the material everyone gets a nice sensation.

There’s plenty of place to get your hand on this shiny and seductive material, we suggest checking with the companies about their production methods since it can be harmful to the environment. We don’t want our kinks killing the planet! But then again, maybe this will save the planet- recycle your used plastics into kinky clothing!

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