Rubber Fetish

Rubber Fetish

Rubber duckie you’re the one. Has a completely different context when you say this to a rubber fetishist. Rubber has a unique feel when you touch it so imagine what it feels like to wear an entire costume made of rubber. Feeling rubber on places of your body normally untouched by most things.

We mentioned clothing made of rubber: pants, corsets, lingerie. But there are other options. For those a bit more kinky, there are also rubber restraints. Instead of tying up your rubber lover with rope, you can use rubber ties or cuffs and collars.

The touch of rubber goes even further with whips and crops. Spanking, using rubber toys has a different feel from traditionally wooden or rope instruments. And you can make a lot of these toys and costumes yourself from innertubes. Finally that old stash of bike tires has a use!

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