Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish

Some people would happily lick away all day at sweaty, smelly feet, while others find the idea of even kissing a clean foot revolting. Many fetishists find it highly erotic to look at fettered feet, to tickle or to suck them. Others like to 'abuse' them.

For every part of the foot, be it callouses, smells or any other imaginable thing, there are fetishists. Some enjoy the entire foot, while others focus on the toes, balls, color, texture, size or shape.

Playing footsie is a well known way to hide physical contact between people in order to flirt so no one else can see. For example under the table at a restaurant, or in hot tubs. This discrete act can lead to some saucy adventures later on.

When your feet stray upwards to your partner's genitals, it’s called a footjob.

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