Sex on the Washing Machine

Sex on the Washing Machine

You love your partner. And you love your sex life. But it's a bit routine. You need to spice it up! But you're tired. And busy. And broke.

No worries. Your house is filled with saucy ideas that can help you kick things back into gear without paying to much.

You have laundry to do don't you? You do. For sure you do. So do your laundry with your loved one, and check out your giant new sex toy! It vibrates to add intensity, it's warm (once it gets going), and it's probably just the right height for bending over. Go slow and enjoy the sensations, or add some stern spanking for a naughty bottom. Try out those new angles- maybe she can lie back?

Worst case scenario, ladies might like it alone. Volunteer to do the laundry if he folds it, and enjoy knowing you're doing the fun part!

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