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  • The Art of the Quickie: Six Reasons to Fuck Right Now Quickies sometimes get a bad rap. Magazines and television are forever telling us that sex has to be some kind of slow, sensuous produ ...
  • Sex Positions | In the Shower

    Sex in the shower is fun. It's hot (sometimes literally), it's intimate, and it provides lots of varied and exciting sensations. And like any kind of fucking, it's better if you know what you're doing ...
  • Make time for sex

    Do you make time for sex? It may seem like a silly question, but this becomes an issue for many couples as they transition from the honeymoon phase of the relationship into the daily routine of life. ...
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    Similar terms: Sex in the Shower , Bathtub Sex, Sex in the Gym, Sauna, Sex in the Swimming Pool, Quickie, Sex in the Sea