Cottaging refers to anonymous sex in the bathroom, mostly between gay and bisexual men.
You might think sex and toilets don't go together, and hats off to you for your upstanding principles. But if you ask your friends, you're likely to find out that the old water closet figures into a whole lot more sexual histories than you ever would've imagined.

At the very least, you must know a member of the mile-high club. They probably didn't earn their membership in the aisle after the drink cart passed by! And clubs... if they're not providing couches and beds, someone is gettin' busy in the bathroom! While for many people, bathroom sex is a matter of convenience- or, arguably, desperation- for others it is a fantasy.

Nailing the position is likely to be tricky, but there's joy to be had in the john, if you just know who to invite in.

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