The balls aren't much to look at, but they are a fascinating feature of the male physique. Not only do they produce millions of spermatozoa for the entire lifespan of the bearer, they also produce testosterone, creating the male sex characteristics like facial hair and voice deepening.

What you need to know about these organs is that although they may look and feel like the shriveled, dehydrated version of Chinese stress balls, they are very useful for a happy sex life. Think about ways to work them in, you'll be surprised at the payoff in your male partner's pleasure! One good tip is that while the shaft of the dick likes soft, wet and warm, and absolutely does not like texture, sharpness or tugging, the balls are quite the opposite.

Sucking balls isn't actually all that exciting. Scratching, pinching, scraping and tugging however, can send a guy through the roof.

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