Maybe you like a guy with a five o'clock shadow or even a full on beard. Perhaps you prefer him clean-shaven and baby-faced. Now take your thoughts south. More. Okay, the pubes, buddies, you’ve arrived.

On your right we’ll see O’ Natural. This wild and free specimen spends its days care-free and running through the bush. On our left we’ll find Skin Only. This creature is waxed or shaved on a regular basis to keep those pesky hairs from getting in the way of a good time. Of course there a dozens of different species and they all have preferences and mate with whomever they find is best suited to match those likes.

In the end, it comes down to talking it over with your partner. If they are an O’Natural type and you’re more on the Skin Only side, you might have to meet in the middle for a compromise. Either way all variations have benefits ranging from increased sensitivity to hygiene. So pluck, wax, shave or leave it be as nature intended, we’re all hairy down there. Make it look and feel how you want it.

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