Pubic Hair

Pubic Hair

Hair. There is no end to the meanings we assign to it, nor to the high school theater productions that carry its name. Some people love it, others can’t stand the sight of it. Other still, are somewhere in the middle. Women unfortunately carry the brunt of the image demands in this category.

Thanks to the porn industry, no one really seems to know what public hair or genitals should actually look like. So we’re going to correct the record! Whatever you fancy! There is no right or wrong amount of pubic hair. If you like it so long you can braid it and put flowers in it, then do it! If you like it totally shaved and waxed, do it! If you simply can’t be bothered, leave it alone.

Preferences vary, so the only really important thing with regards to pubic hair is to make sure you and your partner are happy. Some people love the way pubic hair feels when they are happily grinding away on top, others get the same feeling with no pubic hair.

Various groups have different meanings for pubic hair: for example in the LBGTQ community or in the BDSM scene. Everyone has a personal preference, and if you don’t play around with it and see what you like!

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