The girly zines will all tell you: the butt is back. As the world of fashion and pop culture diversifies with international trends, a new extreme has become the unattainable idea: the Kim Kardashian butt. The Nicki Minaj caboose. Incredible, impossible, and idolized.

Well, it is true that evolution like a luscious lady. Sir Mixalot was no pioneer in appreciating "much back." Fertility is certainly sexy, and invites the idealizing of certain stereotypes. But the media takes it to the extreme, and suddenly people are injecting who-knows-what into every who-knows-where that is supposed to be plumper.

Both men and women can appreciate a round rump, but it is hardly the measure of a person's worth. Yes, the ass is the source of a whole universe of fantasies, but fetishism is a world unto itself, and at the end of the day, they all work the same way.

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