In the second part of three articles, has compiled this top ten list to impress your date in London. With more exciting date ideas on this list, you don’t have to waste time, just get out there and have some fun!


10. Light Up Your Life

Want to know in what light you look your best? Light of Soho is the world's first Neon & Light-Art Gallery, which should provide plenty of lighting opportunities to set the mood! Open to the public before 6pm, and a perfect spot to enjoy a coffee and marvel in the neon Artscape before you.


9. Walk The Murder Mile

Explore Soho’s most infamous murder scenes with a quirky walking tour. Discover the chilling crimes of The Blackout Ripper, Willaim Calcraft, the Soho Strangler, and more. The Murder Mile packs a whopping 18 murderers into this 2-hour walk, so you’re sure to have a lot to talk about after the date!


8. Knock Yourself Out

Unleash your inner child in the original BBC setup from 'It’s a Knockout'. Collect as many cannonballs as you can using a huge fishing net, throw wet sponges over the castle wall, and stick custard pies in your date’s face. What could go wrong?


7. Party Like It’s The Blitz

Ever feel like you were meant to be born in a different time? Take your date to London’s monthly(ish) blitz party, where 1940's fancy dress is mandatory. Recreate the feel of wartime London, complete with enough booze to fill Churchill’s bunker!

Untitled design (31).jpg

6. Learn About Your Gin

London is home to several gin distilleries, one of which is the excellent Sipsmith where your entry fee includes a complimentary G&T. They also distill vodka and whisky, so you can relax the “must love gin” requirement on your dating profile.


5. Stuff Animals

If you or your date are not the squeamish types, try your hand at the British Academy of Taxidermy for one of their beginner’s taxidermy classes – you even get to choose the cuddly creature you’ll be stuffing. Perhaps you’ll get a creepy souvenir to take home.


4. Appreciate Your Food

If stuffing animals isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d prefer to work with what’s inside instead. Ginger Pig offers classes on the lost art of butchery and teaches you a whole new appreciation for your food. A must for the carnivore in your life!


3. Join The Circus

Make sure your date isn’t skittish about heights because you’ll be sky high at Gorilla Circus as you learn to jump, throw, toss, and move through the air like a graceful bird.  Take a trapeze class and bring someone you trust to make sure you don’t fall!


Untitled design (7).jpg


2. Take Tea

Not everyone loves heights and animal carcases. Perhaps you'd prefer a date at Sanderson’s Mad hatter’s Afternoon Tea.  Tumble down the rabbit hole and enjoy treats like 'The Blue Caterpillar', 'The White Rabbit's Pocket Watch Macaroon', and 'Alice's Drink Me Potion'. 

And the Number One place to go to is...


1. Get High & Chill

Not like that, but potentially more fun! If ice climbing is your thing, get cool at Vertical Chill, London’s indoor ice climbing wall. Practice for an upcoming break in the Alps, or re-create the Wildlings going over the wall in Game Of Thrones – what’s not to love?



Charlotte is the writer behind the sex-positive blog, My Tickle Trunk. She is a sex blogger and passionate advocate for body-safe sex aids, sexual exploration, and body positivity! Twitter: @MyTickleTrunk



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